Princess Victoria visited Stockholm Resilience Centre

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden visited Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC) to get information about current research on local, regional and international water issues. The Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC), is a non-profit, independent research institute specialising in sustainable development and environmental issues.
Crown Princess Victoria wore Filippa K Almond Crepe Blouse and she wore ERDEM X H&M Wool Trousers
Crown Princess Victoria wore Filippa K Almond Crepe Blouse
Filippa K Almond Crepe Blouse
Princess Victoria wore ERDEM X H&M Wool Pantsuit
ERDEM X H&M Wool Trousers


  1. The trousers does not fit very well.

  2. It's plain and boring. Agree that the pants are a poor fit, and the top looks nice on the model but does nothing for Victoria.

  3. I am very impressed with an awareness of Princess Victoria of Sweden about an importance of water issues which is one of 17 SDGs of United Nations.

  4. A nice colorful scarf would have done wonders. The blouse is beautiful, but needs some accessorizing.


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