Crown Princess Mary in 2017 - Style and Fashion

Crown Princess Mary is currently in Australia with her family both to have a rest and to spend the Christmas holiday after a year that was full of activities. The year of 2017 was a year with lots of official duties for the Crown Princess like the other years and there were days with more than one official events for hardworking mother, the Crown Princess. As in the other years, the Princess performed that duties with success and she was perfect in her selection of outfits at these duties. In order to renew the memories, some events of Princess Mary in 2017 and the outfits preferred by her at these events.
Princess Mary outfits, Jesper Høvring, Julie Fagerholt, Lasse Spangenberg dress
Alexander McQueen, Yde Jana Jacket, Cecilie Bahnsen, Prada
Princess Mary outfits, Cecilie Bahnsen, Prada, Massimo Dutti blazer
Princess Mary outfits JYde Jana Jacket, Cecilie Bahnsen, Prada
Mary outfits,ulie Fagerholt, Alexander McQueen, Britt Sisseck
Princess Mary and Queen Mathilde wore Prada, Massimo Dutti blazer
Princess Mary dress Julie Fagerholt, Cecilie Bahnsen coat
Princess Mary and Princess Marie outfits, Prada blazer and ba&sh
Princess Mary outfits, Maxmara dress
Princess Mary Massimo Dutti blazer
Princess Mary outfits Lasse Spangenberg pantsuit
Princess Mary outfits,Alexander McQueen dress
Princess Mary outfits Yde Copenhagen Jana Jacket
Princess Mary outfits, Alexander McQueen dress
Princess Mary wore ba&sh dress
Princess Mary Stella McCartney dress
Princess Mary wore Prada dress
Princess Mary wore Temperley London white lace dress
Princess Mary YDE Copenhagen dress
Princess Mary wore Massimo Dutti pantsuit
Princess Mary Erdem and H&M coat
Princess Mary wore Britt Sisseck print dress
Princess Mary outfits wore Cecilie Bahnsen dress


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  1. Oh how fun! Thanks for this post. She had several bests and that twin moment! these are great!

  2. Denmarks Mary und Spains Letizia are close to perfection!

  3. As always, Mary is the number one in elegancy and perfection!

  4. Hundreds of Details to create this elegance and beauty look, chapeau.

  5. She looks good in almost everything, even things that few orhers could get away with. One or two misses though, IMHO. And she can not beat Leti. Never ever.

  6. Mary had 93 official events under 2017 and with all help she can get to run a home I can not say that this is a "hard working mother".What are the title for all women out there who is working almost every day,no help what so ever at home or whit their children?Of course fashion is fun and that Mary is good looking,all the royal ladies around the world are the same to.

    1. Charlotte, I agree with your comment. The royals essentially do public relations for their respective countries. They have to endure hours of boredom, and strict etiquette, but to say they are hard working is a bit of a joke. They have immense privilege, assistance at every level, including speech writing, household support and first class travel. Mary used to work in advertising in Melbourne and real estate in Sydney. I think she would prefer her current working conditions than her previous jobs. I still love her clothes.

    2. In this blog there is 135 events Mary did take part this year, some threads have even more than one engagements at post (state visits etc.) took away all holiday, birthday and funeral threads. That makes about 3 event a week. Also we see only a little part of the work any of these royals we follow are doing. They do many kind meetings, learn about events they go, they must try their future clothes etc. A lot of work without cameras in place. Also it is common that we feel everybody else is not doing as much or hard work as we are doing. I bet quite many of us would feel representation work of these royals as real work.

  7. I think women are stranger when we support each other rather than try to ‘see into’ another persons life (princess) and try to decide if she is hard working or not... not fair or is it necessary. Let’s celebrate women! I think she is a classy lady, and please keep in mind that she has undertaken, I would imagine,a lot of time to learn a foreign language... as an adult which is even more difficult, along with the different culture (a lot of time from personal experience). The lives documented of royals past (speaking about UK) shows the hours spent reading, corresponding, etc. A lot that we do not see. Hats off to them all and Happy New Yr 2018!


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