Crown Princess Victoria met with Stockholm Pride volunteers

On November 15, Wednesday, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden attended a meeting at Stockholm Royal Palace, held with volunteers who worked in Stockholm Pride for a long time. Volunteers who worked for Stockholm Pride for more than 20 years are Mille Berg, Jimmy Landegren, Johan Landegren and Ulrika Gustavsson. Human Resources Executive, Andreas Franzon and Festival Director, Christian Gerde were also present at the meeting.
Crown Princess Victoria wore By Malene Birger Acarmar Dress at Stockholm Pride meeting. Stockholm Pride Festival
Crown Princess Victoria wore By Malene Birger Acarmar Dress
By Malene Birger Acarmar Dress


  1. I'm sorry but the waist looks horrible with those pleats?, wrinkles?...
    The sleeves are too long and don't fit her arms.
    This dress isn't a good choice.

  2. Not a good outfit, ill fitting and the color just washes her.

  3. The dress does not fit, but the colour is great!

  4. It's a nice colour but it looks like a home sewing project gone dreadfully wrong.

  5. Ich finde es immer wieder großartig, wie Victoria es schafft, ihr ganzes Styling so zurückhaltend zu gestalten, daß die Aufmerksamkeit ihrer Zuhörer dem Inhalt ihrer Arbeit gelten kann und nicht die Outfits der Kronprinzessin im Mittelpunkt des allgemeinen Interesses stehen. So ernst wie sie nimmt niemand sonst in den Königshäusern dieser Welt seine Arbeit. Was für eine fleißige, starke und bewundernswerte Frau !

  6. What happened to Victoria? I thought strange she was wearing her mother's clothes for a while, but lately she has made really poor choices with her outfits.


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