Queen Mathilde visited the Eurofleurs 2017 championship

Yesterday, on September 15, Queen Mathilde visited the Eurofleurs 2017 championship in Saint-Trond, Belgium. Eurofleurs is the Young European Floristry Competition organised every four years by the International Florist Organisation, Florint, and this year in partnership with our Belgium members the Royal Union of Belgian Florists.
Queen Mathilde carried a small gold box clutch, and wore cream leather gloves and rose gold sating sling back heels
Queen Mathilde royal teamed her striking head gear with a yellow and white houndstooth dress and rose gold satin slingbacks
On trend in a yellow, pattern hole dress
On Mathilde Natan by Edouard Vermeulen Dress for Work
Queen Mathilde of Belgium in a Tan with yellow dress over yellow angora coat
Queen Mathilde of Belgium Steps Into Spring in a Bright Rainbow Dress


  1. The dress itself is pretty and fresh but it's either the wrong size or badly fitted - it looks too tight on her (and the is in no way overweight).

    1. I agree. It needs more "ease" in the fit or a style that has a little flare to it. She seems to like the sheath type of dress, though.

    2. I agree, Franny. To repeat myself: Natan seems to be using an old mannequin form to customize her dresses. They are consistently too tight, too high-waisted and too short. They are beautiful dresses but they don't fit!

    3. I agree with all these comments. It is such a pity because she is a lovely woman.

  2. Big "no" on the dress. Nice enough style, don't like the print.

  3. Gorgeous photo... In open square with Belgium architecture, huge sun flowers, children n autumn sunshine n friendly Queen!

  4. Nette Queen. Kleid: Farbe OK, Länge perfekt, Sitz zu eng - schade!


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