Name of second son of Princess Sofia is Prince Gabriel Carl Walther, Duke of Dalarna

At the state council meeting held at Stockholm Royal Palace on September 4, 2017, it was announced that the name of the newborn second son of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia will be Prince Gabriel Carl Walther, Duke of Dalarna. The meeting was attended by King Carl Gustaf, Crown Princess Victoria and officials of Government. The Prince was assigned Duke of Dalarna.
Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia, their second son Prince Gabriel Carl Walther, Duke of Dalarna. Crown Princess Victoria


  1. Prince Gabriel sounds pretty and suitable.

  2. Alexander has 4 names and Gabriel 3. Why? I would choose the same number.
    I don't like the name but the most imaportant is that the parents like it.
    Looking forward to seeing christening of little prince and the birth of Madde's and Kate's baby.
    Congrats again!!!!

  3. Nice names, Silvia's dad was Walther, and fun connection with Sofia to make him Duke of Dalarna.

  4. I quite like the names - nice to make the nod to the grandfathers.

  5. The name and the title are just perfect.


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