Japan's Royal Family Celebrates the New Year at Kokyo

Emperor Akihito in presence of Empress Michiko, Crown Prince Naruhito and other Royal Family members, salutes the people, came to visit the Imperial Palace (Kokyo) which was opened for the New Year's public appearance by the Japanese royal family in Tokyo, Japan. 02 January 2017.
Crown Prince Naruhito and his wife Crown Princess Masako, Prince Akishino and his wife Princess Kiko, their daughters Princess Mako and Princess Kako


  1. So boring when they seem to have mesured points where to stand and everything is too much controled.

  2. They're all standing at exactly equal distances from each other. My god I could not be apart of that family!

  3. And so much criticism seems unnecessary and boring. I, for one, happen to enjoy the gracious style and class this family demonstrates; such a breeze of fresh air as compared to the trendy and tacking looking way that people in my country (USA) dress. Especially in CA ...ugh!

    1. Making generalizations about an entire group of people is either stupid or immature.
      You must be in wrong places or with wrong people in USA.

  4. I was actually surprised that they still have an active (well, perhaps that's too strong a word) Royal family.
    (And I admit I am biased because my Dad spent 5 years fighting the Japanese in the Pacific).

  5. I don't like this country including this family. They all look fake. Call me prejudice because they press-gang my grandpa during WWII. Over 2000 boys in the village were forced to be the so-called "Japanese Royal Solider" to fight for the war and only 8 came back. What a nightmare!

  6. The heavily scripted actions of the Japanese Imperial family is truly a reflection of the history, traditions and culture of Japanese, and Asian, society in general. While I also wish for a bit more spontaneity and individuality amongst the family members, I doubt this will occur any time soon as change is not something that traditionalists warmly embrace.


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