Queen Rania met with women activists of Al Anwar Organization

In order to receive information about the actively ongoing projects, Queen Rania of Jordan met with a group of activist women of Al Anwar charity organization which takes part in the social strengthening projects of Governorship of Ma'an. Al Anwar Charity Organization was established in 2010 by Ministry of Social Development as a charity association for women. The purpose of that association is to find out the challenges encountered by the society and to form solutions by action plans that focuses on women and children. That organization also provides help for family and individuals those need help.
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  1. I always find it interesting that 99% of the time she is the only one not wearing a hijab. The fact that Jordan is able to maintain both traditional and Western views is really something.

    1. Exactly I felt the same Diane. I don't know one thing, is it a law that asks women to wear burqa and exempting the female members of the royal family? Someone please say.
      Meanwhile beautiful ladies... Wow ... Princess iman and princess Salma.

    2. Jordan law does not require that women wear either the hijab or burqa. While it is part of Islam and law in most Islamic countries it is as I said not a law in Jordan. I think Lebanon may not require the wearing either.


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