Princess Victoria and Oscar at a lunch in Diplomat Hotel

In one of the past days, Crown Princess Victoria had a lunch with his son Prince Oscar at the restaurant of Diplomat Hotel in Stockholm. In the background, it is seen that Prince Daniel's sister Anna Westling Söderström, aunt of Prince Oscar is holding Prince Oscar. The photo has been published on the instagram account of Stefan Persson.
Princess Victoria of Sweden style, wore dress, earrings, diamond earrings, malene birget dress


  1. She's getting ugly with that hairdo

  2. Please, please let Victoria decide about her own hairdo. I admit it is not the latest fashion but completely fits to her personality and position.
    What is more, do not forget that she is the heir of the Swedish throne. She will be the queen on her own right, a monarch. All the others who appear in these pages are wifes of heirs or kings, a quite different position. If you pay attention not only on the hairdos and outfits you can see that Victoria always takes parts in government or even global matters, and the others open exhibitions, visit schools and hospitals. These are also important but Victoria can decide about things which are really important, and the others can decide about their hairdos and what to wear.
    In this photo she is out with her family and the hairdo is the same. Probably she likes it, and probabaly Daniel also. :)


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