Princess Victoria and Daniel met with Stephen Hawking

In the previous days, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel met with English physicist, cosmologist and theoretician Stephen Hawking during their special visit to Cambridge and a meeting relating to lack of physical activity was held with him. The meeting was held by GEN-PEP which is a charity organization founded by attempt of Crown Princess Victoria. The purpose of that organization is to create suitable conditions needed for a healthy life for children and young people.
Crown Princess Victoria wore MAYLA Daria silk blouse. Princess Daniel and Stephen Hawking
Crown Princess Victoria wears MAYLA Daria silk blouse
MAYLA Daria Silk Blouse


  1. I know this blouses are in vogue but that is not what I would wear. I think it is better look in cream color than any other.

    I read few interesting books of S. Hawking.

  2. Victoria has such a warm and beautiful smile!

  3. Great admiration for S Hawking. I really feel so sorry for this Royal couple. Shame Princess Victoria needs a make over


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