Princess Sofia attends a lunch at Hotel Diplomat in Stockholm

Princess Sofia of Sweden attends a lunch on the theme of social entrepreneurship and sustainability at Hotel Diplomat on November 29, 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden.
Princess Sofia wore GANT Mid Boot, Princess Sofia Hellqvist Style
Princess Sofia Ted Baker Elethea Short wrap coat
Ted Baker Elethea Short Wrap Coat
Princess Sofia wore SAINT LAURENT Black Suede Babies Boots
SAINT LAURENT Black Suede Boots


  1. Replies
    1. Elle n'est pas la seule dans la famille......

    2. C'est triste car elle gâche sa beauté

  2. Like the coat. Agree that the hairstyle is very unflattering.

  3. I like her and the coat, but that hair looks ugly. I hope she doesn't follow Victoria's example!

  4. Lovely basic jacket. The trousers would be ok but not with these boots in my opinion. But again, the tightly pressed down hair with the middle parting. My bet she thinks it's a regal and elegant hairstyle, which it is, but you need to have the right face/head shape, bone structure and ideally a really beautiful face to pull it off. And unfortunately she doesn't have either of those.

  5. I do like this Princess, but something in the Scandinavia royal houses and style of hair something is wrong. Maybe Victoria told/instructed Princess Sofia to wear this ugly hair style. Maybe Victoria is afraid Princess Sofia will steal her lime light.

    1. Maybe they think they look like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's movie? Minus the bang fringe. LOL

      An updo that is a chigon or French roll is one thing. But pulling it all back so tight and into a bun is not a good look for everyone.

      I am bored with the their hair. Ugh

    2. Do you really think so, Anna-Marie? I never had the impression that Victoria is vain. I believe the CP does not attach much importance to fashion and wants an uncomplicated hairdo.

  6. Apesar de achar que o penteado a faz parecer mais velha, não deixa de ser uma bela princesa com um bonito sorriso! Onde estão os penteados de uma jovem de 30 anos?

  7. Although she is an attractive woman, she lacks a certain polish and style. Her husband is the son of the King of Sweden. Time to step it up!


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