The Danish Royal House On The Social Media

On the Royal Danish House’s pages on Facebook & Instagram, users from now on can follow the Royal Family’s activities, get closer to the preparations for the big events in the Royal Danish House, and get a special insight into the Royal Danish House’s history and collections. The pages will be updated continuously with text, pictures and videos.
Crown Princess Mary, Crown Princess Frederik, Princess Marie and Family
The Royal Danish House’s profiles on the social media together with the newly-launched website and the existing YouTube channel "Det danske kongehus" will henceforth make up the Royal Danish House’s digital media platforms.
"The media consumption of Danes is shifting, and the Royal Danish House wants to be where Danes are. With the new platforms, we have as a supplement to the other media coverage the opportunity to directly tell Danes about the Royal Danish House, the Royal Family’s work and the Royal Danish House’s role in the society to a greater extent. Here, we think that Facebook and Instagram are good platforms. We see it as a natural further development of the Royal Danish House’s media platforms that the Royal Danish House goes on the social media," says Lord Chamberlain Michael Ehrenreich.

The Royal Danish House’s official pages on Facebook and Instagram are both named “Det danske kongehus”. The pages can be followed by searching with the name "Det danske kongehus" in the search box.

Link to the Royal Danish House’s Facebook page.    Facebook
Link to the Royal Danish House’s Instagram page.   Instagram


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