Prince William says: Fatherhood Made Me More Emotional

Prince William Kate Middleton Prince George and Princess Charlotte
Prince William has confessed that fatherhood has made him "weirdly" emotional and prone to welling up.

Prince William is the proud father of two small children - Prince George and Princess Charlotte - and revealed during a documentary about his father’s Prince’s Trust charity that becoming a parent has made him more aware of how "precious life is".

Prince William said “I’m a lot more emotional than I used to be. I never used to really kind of get too wound up or worried about things but now the smallest little things can get – I can feel – you well up a little bit more. “And you get affected by things that happen around the world or whatever a lot more I think as a father. Just because you realise how precious life is.”.

"Now the smallest little things, you well up a little more, you get affected by the sort of things that happen around the world or whatever a lot more, I think, as a father," he said.

He added: “I remember my mother and father taking us to charities and organisations and showing us, you know, what – what goes on. And I think it’s seeing – seeing such a broad spectrum of life, it’s really important from a young age, to give you a bit of perspective…you don’t just live in a palace, it’s very important you get out and you see what goes on in the real world.”

Prince Harry said he enjoyed living next door to William and Kate at Kensington Palace. “I can always hear the wheels of those plastic tractors that George loves playing on,” he said.

He described their London base, where the royal brothers were also brought up by Charles and Diana, as a “giant playground”, adding: “It’s really nice to be able to live next to each other and be neighbours.”

Ant and Dec, both long-term ambassadors for The Prince’s Trust, were given unprecedented access to Clarence House, St James’s Palace and Kensington Palace for the 90-minute documentary, to be aired on ITV tomorrow night.


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  1. Anonymous3/1/16 21:23

    The trolls are on their way... What an utterly stupid thing to say. I did believed that in this website things would be more decent and fair, but Oh no.... Please do not let this site be like the terrible comment we see in Daily Mail...Pleeeease moderators??

    1. Anonymous3/1/16 21:45


    2. Agree too, Anon 23:23. And sincere thanks to the blog owner for drawing the line on intolerant comments. So often, people do and say nothing when prejudice runs amok. It's admirable that you stand up for your vision of this blog and act to prevent it becoming a hangout for bigots.

  2. Anonymous3/1/16 21:34

    Prince William remarked the big change which fatherhood brings to a responible and proper man, no question he is mature.

    We don´t know what the Cambridges hat to face, but i´m shure there were reasons why they do look old some times. But they still are young, intelligent and they will get by and over cruel things they had to face. All the best to them !!!

  3. Anonymous3/1/16 22:22

    I agree with Anon 23:23. Really, to say a baby is " not so beautiful." Does that mean because she does not meet your standards of baby beauty, there should be no photographs of her. Forget about the usual garbage about Kate looking "old." Criticizing the way a baby looks is beyond disgusting.

  4. Anonymous4/1/16 00:24

    What a sweet statement!! Diana would have been so proud of her two boys!!

    1. Anonymous4/1/16 20:50

      Prince Charles as well, as a single parent he did a great job.
      It is notably that this was an educating for autonomy an educating for/to
      fundamental values of humanity and the inalienable dignity of every individual, very impressive.

  5. Nice entry, Prince William seems to be very down to earth person. And I like very much this picture of Cambridge family.

  6. looking forward to ant and dec I always love them

  7. Anonymous4/1/16 14:44

    He may care more and also be more emotional but he still is not doing anything about his future and for the people.

    1. Anonymous4/1/16 20:43

      How many lifes did you save?

    2. Anonymous5/1/16 09:03

      " The violence of words can sometimes be worse than that of slaps and guns . "
      Heinrich Böll

    3. Anonymous5/1/16 11:06

      I don't want him to leave his job in the army but working as a royal,he is the heir of a glorious Monarchy.People pays him to support his charities and work for the Crown.Where is he????
      He may be a perfect father OK,but I want him to WORK AS A ROYAL
      I want to see him representing the Crown and the country,that's all!!!

      My words are not violent:)
      Please,explain to me why I MUST like The Cambridges if they don't work?

      Charles and Camilla work very much,(and this is their job to do )please follow them in other blogs...

      Her Majesty and Prince Philip no comments they are fabulous!!!!

    4. Anonymous5/1/16 13:30

      You are funny A 13:06. You don´t want Prince William to leave his job in the army, but still you want him to work like those, "who work for the Crown" app. every second day one or two hours at a time.

      In Norway only Harald, Sonja, Haakon and MM "work"; in UK there are plenty of Royals. When Prince Edward visited in my land, he told, that he would like to work more, but there are not enough events for each of them.

    5. Anonymous5/1/16 16:39

      I am glad I make you have fun,
      simply say mu opinion!
      I respect your opinion,please respect mine.I don't think William and Kate work enough,they are young,smart and VERY famous(so you must not compare them with Norway's royals) so they could promote charities,help people and generally be more active-
      They are good parents and look cute,but that's NOT enough because they represent a Nation,the United Kingdom is the MOST FAMOUS country with a Monarch...

      - I wish you a very Happy New Year,:)

    6. Vanessa - Brazil8/1/16 00:21

      Anonymous 13:06 , he is not the heir .... the heir is his father, Prince Charles ... Charles and Camila are the ones who need to work, they are the future of the British Royal Family.

  8. Camilla and Prince Charles should have this work load fall on them, not the Cambridges. Kate and Will will stretch themselves too thin trying to raise those babies in a proper home. The criticism should fall on the next in line, not the young marrieds trying to start their family with love. It sure isn't Charles or Camilla who would have this idea in mind, neither of them were good parents, more concerned with alley catting around regardless of their own spouses. What a pair, and you criticize Wills and Kate? ok, this is my usual speech and now I've said it again. Thanks for listening to me.

    1. Anonymous5/1/16 10:04

      We didn't(listen to you)

    2. Anonymous5/1/16 18:44



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