Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia attended the meeting of the Foundation of Prince Couple

On Thursday, January 28, 2016, Prince Carl Philip of Sweden and Princess Sofia of Sweden attended the board meeting of the Foundation of Prince Couple. The meeting was held at the Royal Palace. The meeting was attended by board members Sofia Ewerlöf, Karin Mattson Weijber, Per Stenbeck and Jan Lindman along with Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia. The purpose of the Foundation is to struggle with bullying with the vision of children and young people. The Foundation of the Prince Couple has been established in connection with the wedding of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia that took place on June 13, 2015.
Prince Carl Philip of Sweden and Princess Sofia of Sweden attended the board meeting of the Foundation of Prince Couple. Sofia Ewerlöf, Karin Mattson Weijber, Per Stenbeck and Jan Lindman


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  1. Anonymous28/1/16 19:50

    Isn't it her husband's privilege to sit at the head of the table? So wrong...she really loves to play (blood) princess.

    1. Anonymous28/1/16 21:08

      I am quite sure the seating arrangements were without her usurping the Prince. Don'the be ridiculous!

      Not sure why you dislike the
      dislike her so much. She is always gracious and smiling. I have never seen her attempt to play the "blood princess". Whatever that means in 2016. Those days are gone. Look around during the royal families are full of new blood.

      Sofia is doing a lovely job. She is out and busy for the country almost daily

      Stop whining.

    2. That was my first thought when i saw this picture, too.

    3. Anonymous28/1/16 22:59

      If only the Royal Family are allowed at the head of a table, why is that other woman sitting there? Maybe he offered his heavily pregnant wife the seat closest to the door in case she needed to leave quickly?

      Your hatred of Sofia is ridiculous. I'm sure you like Kate just fine even though she's flashed her rear on more than one occasion.

    4. Anonymous28/1/16 23:54

      Maybe as a board member she was leading the meeting today? So she sat at the head spot. Then again we don't see the rest of the desk. Maybe neither one is at the head of the table.

      Such mean replies

    5. Anonymous29/1/16 07:00

      When did there become siting arrangement on event like this?? We have seen other royals in same kind of meeting sitting in different places around the tabel, and now it's a problem's Sofia! Come on and give her a break!

    6. Anonymous30/1/16 03:22

      @Anonymous, Jan. 29, 9:00 am - no the senior royal always sits at the head of the table. The Prince Couple should have been sitting together at the head. This seating arrangement implies Sofia is the princess of the blood and Carl Philip is the married in. Victoria and Daniel sit at the head of the table together at a meeting, when the king is present Daniel sits to the side and Victoria sits with her father. When the king and queen are present Victoria and Daniel sit to the side.

      The fact is Sofia is not Victoria's and Madeleine's equal and she never will be. Sofia only walks ahead of Madeleine when Carl Philip is with her and that's do to the succession order. Three year old Estelle and Victoria and Daniel's second child outrank Sofia; Sofia would have to defer to an infant because that child will be third in line to the throne, outranking her husband. This seating is a breach of protocol, showing Sofia hasn't learn how to carry herself as a royal, despite pre-marriage training and seven months of marriage into the royal family. Carl Philip lets her indulge in these cluster whoopses, but it will get old after time.

    7. Anonymous30/1/16 15:17

      Thank you Anonymous January 30, 2016 at 5:22 AM for this superb clarification to all the bedazzled Sofia-Sugars!

    8. Anon Jan 30, 2016 5:22am: You have outlined the rules of precedence for the Swedish royals. This is known fact, and no-one disputes it. Then you present your thoughts on the cause of the seating arrangement which we see in the pic. That part of your comment is not known fact - it is guesswork and speculation.
      Consider the following scenarios:
      Scenario 1: The 4 commoner members enter the room first and sit waiting for the princely couple to arrive. The woman with long brown hair (shown next to Sofia) sits herself as shown. She is not perhaps aware that the princely couple sat together on this end of the table at the previous meeting in December 2015, since she was not at that meeting. Upon entering, Carl Philip decides not to embarrass the woman by asking her to move. He directs Sofia to sit next to the woman, as he wants his wife to have the benefit of being centred within the discussion group, rather than being on the outer edge. As he is the senior royal in the room, it is his prerogative whether to follow protocol to the letter, or to relax it.
      Scenario 2: The princely couple walk in first, as per courtly protocol. Carl P helps his pregnant wife with her chair, and while he is doing that, the other woman (see Scen.1) sits in the place to Sofia’s left, where Carl P was intending to sit. Carl P does not wish to embarrass the woman, so he so moves to the side seat.
      Scenario 3: the woman next to Sofia is possibly not a foundation member, but a guest giving a report or the like (as suggested by another commenter). Carl P deliberately offers the guest(?) a head-of-table place - his place - as a gesture of respect/inclusion. Carl P also wishes to give Sofia a better opportunity to talk to this woman - which would be harder if Carl was at the head of the table next to the woman, and Sofia was in the corner seat.
      Scenario 4: Carl P and Sofia together plan the seating before anyone goes into the room. The seating result is intentional.
      Of course, I have no idea whether any of these scenarios (which are only a sample, there are more that could have been added) are probable or not. What matters is why, out of all these possibilities, did you (a) discuss only one hypothesis - the "Sofia has no idea” one --and (b) decide to present it as fact?
      You have no way of knowing what went on in the room prior to the photo being taken. So you cannot possibly assert that the seating arrangement is Sofia’s fault. In the absence of evidence, common sense tells us that the only fair thing to do is to give Sofia the benefit of the doubt. The democratic principle of “innocent until proven guilty” isn’t just for commoners; it’s for everybody – royals included.

  2. Anonymous29/1/16 00:07

    Bit of a concern when where she's sitting at the table is more important then the cause she's representing!?!?

    1. Anonymous29/1/16 06:14

      The cause SHE's representing....but what about Prince Carl Philip? He's just beautiful accessory for her and not part of the foundation? Perhaps that is why he's not sitting at the head of the table?
      Sorry but I can not admire her like some people here do. I still have my doubts about her and her past. And if this makes me mean, then I am not ashamed of it!

  3. there no problem with the seating arrangement

  4. Anonymous29/1/16 19:32

    arrêtez vos méchancetés, ce n'est pas elle qui choisit la place

  5. As Bluefire says, the seating arrangement is not a problem. I have been responsible for managing the setting up of many Board Room table meetings, and I can assure you that when there are only 6 persons in a meeting, the “head of the table” principle is flexible.
    There are a number of possible explanations for the seating arrangements we see in this pic– some of which have been canvassed in the comments. There is a rule of thumb in forensic investigation, that the simple explanation is usually the correct one. What is interesting here, is that Anons Jan 28, 9:50pm and Jan 29, 8:14 have chosen a sinister interpretation over any of the more probable ones. This is what happens when a viewer is prejudiced. Their prejudice overrides their common sense. Anons Jan 28, 9:50pm and Jan 29, 8:14, you have decided that Sofia is an ungracious gold-digger, egotistical and disrespectful - and you project that onto every pic of her you see. This blinds you and leads you to make overheated and fanciful interpretations of what are pretty par-for-the-course pics of royals in action. You need to make an effort to leave your preconceived ideas aside when you look at pics of Sofia, and take a more sober and rational approach. Remember that you have absolutely no hard evidence of Sofia’s current motives and values - none of us do. Quite honestly, there is an element of megalomania and unbalance in the notion that you, commenters on a blog, would have special access to the inner workings of Sofia’s mind. Of course, it is ego-flattering to believe that one has deep insight into the mind of a person one has never met. It takes humility to accept that none of us can be certain about these things. We all need to be willing to change our views if the evidence suggests something different. One thing is for sure, you’ll never be capable of taking in new evidence about Sofia while you continue in the erroneous belief that you “know “Sofia’s character already.

    1. Anonymous30/1/16 14:57

      Wise words! That's how it is.


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