Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge Becomes a Guest Editor

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge will join Huffington Post England team as a guest editor for a single day in February.
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge will join Huffington Post England team as a guest editor for a single day in February. This event will take place in order to emphasize the efforts of parents and teachers on children's psychological health problems and to contribute to the sectors relating to children's psychological health problems. Stephen Hull, the chief editor of Huffington Post said "We are excited because of joining of Cambridge Duchess to Huffington Post England team as a guest editor for a single day and because we will work together on such an important project. This event has been a focus point for us".

Spokesman of Kensington Palace stated that "Children's psychological problems have been the most important focus point of activities of Duchess of Cambridge for little children in the recent years. We are waiting for coming of the Huffington Post team in February to the Kensington Palace".


  1. Good job and congratulations to Princess William of Cambridge.

  2. She is looking gorgeous !

  3. Oh no! Not that liberal site the "Puffington" Post!

  4. This event will be something different from the usual fundraisers - I hope it proves very successful, and generates lots of attention for the issue of children's mental health.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous said...
    LOL that will be interesting. She once wrote a short thank you note to a rich guy with several grammar mistakes. Her little handwritten note is online and very funny. There is a reason all her letters and speeches are typed by her PR people. She just signes it, sadly she can´t even read a little speech without looking down after two words. Gueast editor... yeah her people are trolling her and us.

    I hope we´ll get a few pretty photos of her in front of a laptop. However this will help with children's psychological health problems.

    1. Cutting but honest. I noticed the commitment was publicized as "a single day" - lest there be any confusion about the effort involved! I've noticed in the Duchess's charitable activities that she seems to feel (and has even stated in a - disastrous - interview) that her work is limited to drawing attention to issues ("shine a light" she said) simply by showing up with her "star power" (yawn) - not by knowing anything about the programs, leading them, developing them, nurturing them, or collaborating with others in power to emphasize them.

      If she hosted a roundtable of experts it would be more useful than this fluff. She is supposed to be a leader, not a guest at a newspaper, she has the royal house, why trot over to some for-hire media outlet for a day. Dumb.

  6. Anonymous January 18, 2016 4:39. You are a wicket person

  7. January 18, so you are then very much like Catherine. English is not my mother tongue and still I can point some mistakes in spelling in your post. ;-)

  8. Anonymous January 18, 2016 4:39
    I agree!


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