Crown Princess Mette-Marit in Zimmermann Dress

Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway took part in the Climate Pilgrimage 2015. The Crown Princess donned a pale blue scallop edged day dress by Zimmermann.
Princess-Mette-Marit of Norway wore Zimmermann Confetti Scallop day dress


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  1. Anonymous24/8/15 05:17

    The dress looks okay on the model, but on Mette-Marit, oof. And somebody - anybody! - please get her a decent uplifting bra.

    A dress like that needs nice sandals as per the model. Dear Crown Princess Mette-Marit: Your comfy walking shoes go better with jeans.

    No comparison to how Crown Princess Victoria looked at the same event, in a rocking age-appropriate dress with nice casual shoes - wonderful. Looking at just M-M's body, you'd think it was someone of my older age (but I'm thinner than M-M Is). That dress could be for a 6-year-old or for a granny; but she seems to gravitate to those styles (like the fugly dress she wore to the recent Swedish wedding).

    Get some fashion help, M-M!! Now!!

    1. Anonymous24/8/15 12:50

      So bitter...are you ok? In norwegian and swedish newspapers, fashionblogs etc both lady's got the thumb up for their dresses. Everybody loved MM dress. From the people as well as the experts...we don' t have criticise just to criticise ;)

    2. Anonymous24/8/15 21:46

      Anonymous August 24, 2015 at 2:50 PM - No bitterness, just wondering why a 42-year-old public figure with financial resources and stylists wants to go out in a dress that doesn't flatter her and with her boobs down at her waist. I do have a reason to criticize. That's my humble opinion and I'm stickin' with it.

      Oh, and when does "everybody" in the newspapers and fashion blogs ETCETCETC love the same particular dress, with no one giving a thumbs-down - EVERYBODY?? Not one person who doesn't like it, anywhere on this planet? I think "everybody' is overstating the matter.

    3. Anonymous6/9/15 10:15

      I totally agree with you, so it's two of us who dislike her looks. She looks old, fat, grumpy, and the shoes? Well, I prefer not to comment on them. This woman has NO style whatsoever, and I find very hard to believe that she gets the thumbs up for her dress sense. Having said that, she gets my thumbs up for her work as a princess.

  2. Anonymous24/8/15 15:50

    on peut bien critiquer mette si on n'aime pas ses robes, elle a la poitrine qui touche la ceinture. elle s'habille plus vieux que la grande duchesse maria Thérésa de Luxembourg, la plus critiquée, alors qu'elle ne le mérite pas c'est bien la princesse Mary
    à chacun ses goûts mais Mette n'est pas un exemple à suivre

    1. Anonymous25/8/15 10:22

      So it's OK to criticise MM but not Mary? You shall be glad you can't read Danish. You would have been shocked about what the Danes mean..

  3. Anonymous26/8/15 14:18

    Aren't Crown Princess Mary and the Grand Duchess Maria Theresa popular?

    The both look to be very nice women to me. The Grand Duchess seems to have gone out of her way to make her daughters-in-law welcome into the family, unlike her own mother-in-law.

    As for Mette-Marit. She wears what she likes, that's her right. She probably has either a "normal" build or is quite slim, but doesn't photograph well because she isn't emaciated, like a model. Good on her, I reckon!

  4. The shoes are very wrong for the outfit, but I generally like her streamlined fashion sense. She reminds me of what Gwyneth Paltrow would almost look like if she ate more than one grain of rice per day.


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