Queen Máxima visited KOTUG

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands visited international towage operator KOTUG in Rotterdam. 03 December 2014
international towage operator KOTUG in Rotterdam Bodes & Bode juweliers  Juwelier Den Haag  Juwelier
Bodes and Bode Juweliers Denneweg
Bodes and Bode juweliers
Bodes  Bode jewellers Jeweller The Hague Jeweller
 international towage operator KOTUG
Bodes and Bode juweliers - Juwelier Den Haag - Juwelier Amsterdam | juwelen, sieraden | Colliers, armbanden, ringen, oorhangers, manchetknopen, edelstenenNatan Dress shirt - skirt
                                        BODES and BODE Earring                                NATAN Dresses


  1. Natan: i don t like this outfit, is so everyday.

  2. I L-O-V-E this outfit. I love the colorblock peplum top!!! I truly have a thing for both peplum and colorblock :D She looks great. I remember seeing her with those earrings before and I have to say they have grown on me. I didn't really like them the first time around but they go perfect with this top.

    I also love the new feature showing the top when previously worn :)

  3. I think it's a horrible outfit. It's bland, boring and does nothing for her. The two ladies on the right of the group photo look chicer than HMQM.


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