King Felipe and Queen Letizia in Pontevedra

King Felipe and Queen Letizia went to Pontevedra to attend the 25th anniversary commemoration of the delivery of the Promotion Offices Reales in 1989.

King Felipe, who 25 years ago received his lieutenant’s office here, revisited Pontevedra
To many’s surprise, King Juan Carlos supported the democracy of Spain, ending Franco’s regime for good in 1978 with the Spanish Constitution
Juan de Borbón’s son, King Juan Carlos, who he trusted to continue the course, Franco had set.
The Count of Barcelona never ascended the throne, as Franco, who had claimed the rule of Spain in 1939, chose to by-pass him as king after restoring the monarchy. In stead,
 King Felipe received his lieutenant’s office by the hands of his grandfather, Juan de Borbón Count of Barcelona.

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  1. Letizia looks wonderful except that once again she is not dressed for the occasion. There are all the rest in their best dress uniforms and she's wearing "a day at the office". The only time this seemed to happen is when she is attending military revues, parades, etc.

    Why does she do this? It's not as if her wardrobe is lacking, she really has one of the most enviable of closets and she knows how to work it, so why? I


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