Sweden's new princess named Leonore

Sweden's new princess will be called Leonore Lilian Maria, announced King Carl Gustaf today at a special cabinet meeting.(video)
Wednesday, February 26, a cabinet meeting was held at the Royal Palace to mark the birth of Princess Madeleine’s child.
At the cabinet meeting, The King informed the Government that the Princess will be named Leonore Lilian Maria, with the given name Leonore.  The Princess was assigned duchess of Gotland.


  1. Beautiful Names for a beautiful little Princess! Congratulations to Madde and Chris...All the best for the new little family!!!

  2. A beautiful girl & a beautiful name. :)

  3. A beautiful name for a beautiful little girl. So glad they added Lilian to the names.

  4. The little girl looks like her father Chris O'Neill.
    Congratulations to Madde and Chris!

  5. Ahw, what a sweet little girl. As handsome as her mum! ;-)
    Very beautiful names.

  6. A beautiful girl - en vacker flicka


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