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NRK publish their annual program Året med kongefamilien 2012(The Year with the Royal Family). You can watching this program here :video. Queen Sonja has many interests that she combines with her duties as Norway’s First Lady.
NRK publish their annual program Året med kongefamilien 2012  (The Year with the Royal Family)
Queen Sonja was born in Oslo on 4 July 1937 as the daughter of Dagny (1898-1994) and Karl August Haraldsen (1889-1959). When King Harald ascended to the Throne upon the death of King Olav, Queen Sonja became Norway's first queen in 53 years.

Queen Sonja grew up in the district of Vinderen in Oslo, and completed her lower secondary schooling in 1954.

The Queen accompanies the King on official state visits abroad, and she participates when foreign heads of state pay official visits to Norway.

Every year the King and Queen usually pay a visit to a county in Norway. Their stay lasts 2-3 days, during which time they pay visits to several municipalities. They often use the Royal Yacht Norge to travel along the Norwegian coast.

The Queen carries out a multitude of different tasks including travelling, official visits, participation at events all over the country, audiences, receptions and meetings at the Royal Palace. In addition to her many official duties the Queen also takes active part in following up internal activities relating to the Palace and the other Royal Residences.

Queen Sonja has a strong sense of social engagement. She has been patron of and has played an active role in a variety of large-scale fundraising initiatives. Queen Sonja was a member of the committee for the first nationwide humanitarian telethon campaign in 1974, which raised funds for refugees. More recently, in 2010, the Queen was patron for the 2010 telethon campaign in support of the Norwegian Refugee Council's work to help and protect people fleeing from war. In 2016 The Queen and The Crown Princess were both patrons of the telethon in support of the Norwegian Red Cross. Queen Sonja served as Vice President of the Norwegian Red Cross from 1987 to 1990. Her Majesty was awarded the Nansen Medal by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for her efforts.

The Queen is particularly interested in art and culture, and attend art exhibitions and cultural events both in Norway and abroad as her programme will allow. She is also concerned with monuments of the past, and is patron of the Society for the Preservation of Ancient Norwegian Monuments.

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