Princess Charlene wore Akris Black V-Neck Dress

Princess Charlene of Monaco wore Akris Black V-Neck Dress. Akris was founded in 1922 by Alice Kriemler-Schoch in St. Gallen, Switzerland; the word "Akris" was derived from the letters of Alice Kriemler-Schoch's name.
Akris was derived from the letters of Alice Kriemler-Schoch's name
The company initially made simple, dotted aprons that were crafted by Kriemler-Schoch on a single sewing machine. Each piece is still designed in Switzerland and the Swiss dot (polka dot) is still used by the company on gift boxes and tissue paper as well as the logo of the Akris Punto line 7. In 1944, Kriemler-Schoch's son Max Kriemler took over the business. The company grew significantly and began producing ready-to-wear clothing. Following the lead of Max Kriemler, Akris also produced clothes for French designers Givenchy and Ted Lapidus.

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