The Princess of Wales has released a new personal message

The Princess of Wales has confirmed she is attending King Charles' birthday parade, also known as Trooping the Colour

In a personal message released on June 14, the Princess of Wales shared her first health update since announcing her cancer diagnosis in March. Included in the post is a new photo of the Princess standing beneath a tree, taken this year. The photo was taken by photographer Matt Porteous earlier this week on the Windsor Estate.

"I am making good progress, but as anyone going through chemotherapy will know, there are good days and bad days," the Princess said in a personal message released on Friday. Princess of Wales, has said she is making “good progress” in her recovery from cancer, and will make her first public appearance in months at the King’s official birthday celebration on Saturday.

The Princess of Wales wore Blaze Milano Wind Hunter Charmer Pinstripe Blazer in Beige
Blaze Milano Wind Hunter Charmer Pinstripe Blazer


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  1. Am absolutely thrilled she’ll be there! Her message, however, is bittersweet because she hasn’t fully recovered. Many prayers and blessings to the Princess to all who are recovering from cancer.

    1. Anonymous15/6/24 16:57

      Just wonderful to hear this news last night. A real bonus that wasn’t expected

  2. Anonymous14/6/24 23:32

    What great news. I for one am thrilled about her joining the family at the kings official Birthday. The Trooping of the Colors. Hope she take it easy. Her being present on the Balcony is a gift to the Nation. I wish her the best. css

  3. Anonymous14/6/24 23:42

    What a beautiful photo…a woman looking strong and contemplative surrounded by the joy of nature. She astounds me with her strength amid a very public life. I’m happy that she will be at TOC but also wish her the time and space to return to full health on her own schedule.

  4. How lovely to see her. Its heartwarming to read her message. My prayers and thoughts to all those out there recovering/afflicted or caring for the sufferers.

  5. Anonymous15/6/24 01:37

    Fantastic news. I can’t wait to see her and the little princes and princess. Will continue to have her in my prayers.


  6. Anonymous15/6/24 06:48

    It will be wonderful to see her again. I was always pretty ambivalent re: the PoW. But I guess it's true that you don't really miss something until it's gone. -Jacqueline

  7. How very wonderful that she feels strong enough to be there! Many people miss her so much. I hope she will fully recover!

  8. i love her resilience and calm. i pray all is well

  9. Anonymous15/6/24 08:17

    Very brave!!
    (And à beautifull picture)

  10. Anonymous15/6/24 09:27

    Thang God 🙏this was really Good news ❤️

  11. Anonymous15/6/24 10:15

    I loved her very open more or less private and vulnerable statement. Imv you can see that vulnarability in the expression of her face in the photo. And she is " not out of the woods yet" she wrote. Hopefully everything is going to end very well for her and her family.

  12. Anonymous15/6/24 10:22

    I’m so happy to hear that PoW feels strong enough to participate in Trooping the Color.
    Wishing her continued strength and healing!

  13. Anonymous15/6/24 11:46

    Best news this year! Berit Larsson Borgholm

  14. I love seeing the photo of the Princess of Wales and the background is so serene too. Wishing her a full recovery!

  15. P. the original15/6/24 12:38

    Few times have I run out of words.
    This is one of them.
    Mixed feeling of joy and sadness are in my heart.
    My prayers and thoughts to all affected by cancer including King Charles and Princess Kate.
    P. Kate's appearance today has been a marvellous gift.
    She has looked more beautiful than ever in my eyes.
    Inner beauty never fades, it has shined all over her today and always will.
    Her courage, strength and resilience are all there, untouched.
    As much as her body may suffer, her soul shines through.
    I won't comment on her magnificent outfit as I feel it is unnecessary .

    1. P. the original. Beautiful heartfelt words, which brought tears to my eyes. Agree with your words, so beautifully articulated. The Princess has a deep inner strength, I pray and hope that will hold her in good stead.
      P. S. Hope you are well. Hugs

    2. P. the original17/6/24 12:57

      Dearest Ava,
      you see, I have been trained to cope with the severest and most dangerous emergency situations because of my job.
      I was taught to always be operative and helpful and never ever lose control.
      But, I can assure you that I'm still feeling kinda of vulnerabile myself every time I read Princess Kate's words.
      I never thought- I would.feel like that.
      I can recognize a beautiful woman and even more a beautiful soul.
      I almost never run out of words .
      This is an exception, a sad exception , to be honest.
      I would have liked to write my usual funny and weird comments and still make jokes about that ' damn ego of mine'.
      I do not feel like that, words fail me, sorry.
      Yes, you are right, I cried too viewing that pompous and amazing ceremony in London.
      Of course, I was partly joyous seeing how those two great warriors- King Charles and Princess Kate- were standing on that balcony battling their illnesses and receiving the public's embrace with brave and even radiant smiles on their faces.
      But SHE, I must admit, SHE was the centre of my attention.
      My admiration for her has risen skyhigh.
      Mention of honour for that brave supportive husband- Prince William- which is going through one of the hardest challenges in his life.
      The soldier, the family man, the husband-...I feel utmost respect for him.
      At some point , I must confess that I had to give up looking at photos of the Waleses and their children in particular ' cause I felt I was getting too emotional.
      Yes, sometimes silence is needed on my part.
      My thoughts and prayers are for all people affected by cancer and any life threatening illness.
      May they experience the joy of complete healing together with their families.
      Thank you so much, dearest Ava, and hugs from me too.

    3. Anonymous17/6/24 17:43

      P., how very pathetic... Calm down, everything gonna be alright!

    4. P. the original18/6/24 07:11

      @ Anonymous at 17:43
      Another of your callous and senseless comments.
      Do you know what pathetic exactly means?
      I don't t think so.
      I'm not surprised in the least anyway.
      You know, what I appreciate most in Charles' s and Kate's healthy issues is the way they tackle It all with utmost dignity and sense of duty.
      If you can't understand my words, please, retain from replying.
      The King and P.Kate always show an enormous amount of DIGNITY .
      You could take a leaf out of their books once in a while.
      Oh, by the way, your comment was totally uncalled for and out of place.

    5. P.the original your words were so supportive and kind, what type of work do you do, just curious, a fan!

    6. P. the original18/6/24 08:37

      My comment yesterday at 12:57

      * Prince William- who is going through...

    7. P. the original18/6/24 11:51

      My comment today at 07:11

      * please, refrain from...

    8. P. the original18/6/24 12:07

      Dear FiTZHUGH,
      thank you so much!!
      I am a flight attendant.
      I do not know when this passion of mine began , I think It was born with me.
      I can't write my comments as often as I wish .
      I can just pop in on this blog when I'm on stopovers or enjoying the restrained amount of free time I am granted.
      Sorry for all my typos, you see I just can't correct them most of times
      You' re really very kind.
      Thank you.
      I enjoy your comments too.
      P. the original👋

  16. Wow! Lovely picture and great news! Wishing for her total and speedy recovery.

  17. Quelle magnifique nouvelle ; j'ai hâte de la voir de retour avec sa famille à l'occasion de l'anniversaire officiel du roi !

  18. Anonymous15/6/24 14:54

    Je suis contente de la revoir et de savoir qu'elle va mieux. J'aime la sincérité de ses phrases.
    Le décor est beau et apaisant, c'est un bon choix symbolique avec le retour de la verdure.

  19. The "Trooping the colours"-photos are already on the websites of british newspapers. Catherine looks absolutely beautiful.

  20. Anonymous15/6/24 15:29

    Inspirational, humble, hopeful sentiments shared by the always lovely Princess of Wales. Prayers for health and healing to all.


  21. Anonymous16/6/24 04:59

    Superb news!!! And the Princess looks fabulous in this photo. Prayers for her continued progress and healing.


  22. Anonymous16/6/24 14:01

    Very brave,lovely women princess of wales 🙏💝happy to see you ,love you ,you are the best princess in the world

    1. Anonymous17/6/24 20:37

      A little over the top, don't you think?


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