Belgium's Queen Mathilde received Child Focus' CEO Heidi De Pauw

Queen Mathilde wore a pink blazer suit by Natan, Armani, Dries van Noten. Nel Broothaerts was appointed new CEO of Child Focus

Queen Mathilde of Belgium received Heidi De Pauw, CEO of the Child Focus Foundation, at the Royal Palace. Heidi De Pauw is leaving the leadership of Child Focus. The Board of Directors has appointed Nel Broothaerts as the new CEO, who will assume the position starting from September 1st. Child Focus is a Belgian foundation that helps prevent and investigate cases of missing children, abducted children, runaway children, and sexually abused and exploited children. Queen Mathilde is the honorary chair of Child Focus.


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  1. The color of this pantsuit, is gorgeous. From what I can see, the fit is good. She looks lovely.

  2. Anonymous27/6/24 01:34

    Very nice look for Mathilde today. css

  3. Anonymous27/6/24 02:39

    Queen Mathilde looks okay here. I wish this organization every success. Those poor children and young adults.

  4. Anonymous27/6/24 06:40

    Normally Queen Mathilde's hair looks always good. This time she has a bad hairday. Lovely pant suit, but with the heat we have now, a summer dress would have been more appropriate.

  5. Les lignes de ce tailleur-pantalon vont à merveille à Mathilde ainsi que la couleur rose vif !

  6. Anonymous27/6/24 16:01

    One of Queen Mathilde's better pant suits. Pink is a color that suits the queen very well. Her hair unfortunately is not as good as the day before. Well, everybody has right to have a bad hair day, something that almost never happen to the queen.

    1. Anonymous27/6/24 19:27

      I find her hair to be voluminous yet relaxing, its actually quite refreshing to see. Never seen her in a bad hairstyle!


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