Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel took part in a videoconference on child rights issues

Edblad Wave Studs Earrings. Crown Princess Victoria wore a black merino elbow sleeve knit sweater. Ulrika Kvarnström and Ritha Söderberg

On Monday 21 February, Swedish Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel took part in a videoconference to receive information about the police's work to counteract and deal with sex crimes against children.

The videoconference was organized by the Crown Princess Couple's Foundation and invited by the police were Ritha Söderberg, Head of internet-related child sexual abuse unit of Swedish Cyber Crime Center at Polismyndigheten (The Police Authority) and Ulrika Kvarnström, business developer in child law at the National Operations Department (NOA).


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  1. Anonymous22/2/22 09:42

    lovely colour coordination.
    Now we look at them even more closely...


  2. Souhaitons que ce couple vraiment charmant continue à ne pas donner suite aux rumeurs de la presse à potins - Leurs couleurs sont judicieusement harmonisées ; j'aime beaucoup le délicat pendentif de Victoria ; est-ce un petit diamant avec les boucles d'oreilles dans le même style ?!

  3. The toning combination of CP Victoria's colours look good from what I can see. Lovely to see them, getting on with things.

  4. PV looks very tired in this photo, not her usual vibrant self, maybe the colour doesn't help. I would say what has been happening in their life has taken it's toll on her.
    Why do people have to be so cruel to one another, shocking.

    1. Anonymous23/2/22 12:03

      Nobody has been cruel, the scandal press has always been existing, and if they have to gossip about someone, royals are for sure more interesting than you and me.
      - G-


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