Crown Princess Victoria presented scholarships of The Micael Bindefeld Foundation

Crown Princess Victoria wore a new Jawana blazer by Hugo Boss, and satin neck-tie blouse by Peter Pilotto

On the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel attended the scholarship presentation ceremony of The Micael Bindefeld Foundation at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. The Foundation awards scholarships each year on January 27 which coincides with the Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Crown Princess Victoria wore a new Jawana blazer by Hugo Boss, and satin neck-tie blouse by Peter Pilotto

Crown Princess Victoria wore a new Jawana blazer by Hugo Boss, and satin neck-tie blouse by Peter Pilotto

Crown Princess Victoria wore a new Jawana blazer by Hugo Boss, and satin neck-tie blouse by Peter Pilotto

Crown Princess Victoria wore a new Jawana blazer by Hugo Boss, and satin neck-tie blouse by Peter Pilotto

The Micael Bindefeld Foundation in memory of the Holocaust was founded in 2014 by Micael Bindefeld with the aim of supporting those who have a desire to communicate, provide information, illustrate, or otherwise convey knowledge about the Holocaust to a wider audience in Sweden.

Crown Princess Victoria wore a new Jawana blazer by Hugo Boss, and satin neck-tie blouse by Peter Pilotto

Crown Princess Victoria wore a new Jawana blazer by Hugo Boss, and satin neck-tie blouse by Peter Pilotto

Crown Princess Victoria wore a new Jawana blazer by Hugo Boss, and satin neck-tie blouse by Peter Pilotto

Crown Princess Victoria wore Hugo Boss Jawana wrap-front regular-fit jacket
Hugo Boss Jawana wrap-front regular-fit jacket

Crown Princess Victoria wore Peter Pilotto Satin Neck-Tie Blouse
Peter Pilotto Satin Neck-Tie Blouse


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  1. I love the details in this look. From the ticking in the shirt to the beautiful shoes peeking out, CP Victoria looks fantastic.

    1. Anonymous28/1/22 02:41

      Perfection from head to toes. Everything goes well together, the blouse and the shoes are great paired up. Gorgeous accessories, and by that I mean Daniel. :) Abby

  2. Yes, Victoria, design of Hugo Boss is perfect for you! Superb!

  3. Me gusta el traje, pero creo que con un zapato diferente

  4. Nice suit which fits her very well; I don't like the shoes and everybody else on the street is wearing a coat, hat etc

    1. Anonymous28/1/22 07:38

      People on the street are on foot. Victoria and Daniel just stepped out of the car that brought them in front of the building where they must attend a ceremony. So they don't really need coats and hats.
      You are right about the shoes. Plain black shoes or boots would have been better.

  5. Beautiful suit, very much my taste. It´s also one of the best stylings of a bow blouse I have seen to date.
    Daniel´s suit is not quite right. Too tight, too short, doesn´t fit well.

    1. D's suit not too short, too tight slightly.

  6. Not appropriate to wear Hugo Boss on Holocaust Memorial Day event IMO

    1. Anonymous28/1/22 08:04

      Almost all the people that were responsable for the holocaust are dead by now. Many, many people that were killed by these people cannot come back. Every year in a lot of countries and by a lot of governments there are memorial ceremonies to remember the dead. Unfortunately that's all we can do. We cannot change history.
      By demolishing monuments of kings and army generals responsable for the killing of black people all over the world history will not change.
      If CP Victoria was wearing an unknown German brand nobody had noticed. Besides that will not change history either. It will not bring back the victims.

    2. P.the original28/1/22 09:09

      Unfortunately, nobody can change history, but some kind of respect Is due to millions of victims at least on Holocaust Memorial Day.
      Fashion conveys messages too and the brand choice Is totally inappropriate and tasteless.

  7. still no masks. Can't understand them. They had Covid twice. And you can have it several times. A colleague of mine had Delta at christmas and 3 weeks later he was diagnosed with Omikron.

    They are parents and Daniel has a transplantation. How often should you test yor luck?

    1. Anonymous28/1/22 07:48

      In the Scandinavian countries they don't wear masks as often as they should according to the scientists and medical doctors. I suppose that the regulations taken by their government are not so severe as in other countries.

    2. I understand them.
      Once you´ve had covid and recovered from it (as is the case with V&D), you´ll have a natural immunity which is far superior than any other protection.
      Once you´ve had covid and recovered from it, the scare surrounding it is gone. It´s no longer the great unknown. This must especially be true if you´ve had it twice, like V&D
      Victoria, and especially Daniel didn´t only recover just fine, they hardly had any symptoms (in fact, Daniel had absolutely none - despite being "vulnerable"). Covid is not a death sentence. To the overwhelming majority of the population, it´s not a dangerous infection.
      I´m sure that V&D stick to the official recommendation of their country.
      And yet, the countries with the strictest mask mandates haven´t fared any better in this crisis.
      After two years, I think it´s time to let go. Some are afraid to die, but many are by now afraid to live.

    3. Anonymous29/1/22 08:26

      Vanessa : you wrote "To the majority of the population, it is not a dangerous infection". Don't you know how many people have been killed by this virus ? What are we supposed to do ? It is not over yet, it is just because of those who let it go to soon that it keeps come back. Every day there are people who die. In Africa they are waiting to receive the leftovers of our vaccines. There is still a big part of the world where people did not receive any vaccine. Then they travel or immigrate to Western Europe and everything starts again. One of these days Denmark, U.K. and the Netherlands don't have to wear masks anymore, the handgels will dissappear everywhere, they must not keep distance anymore in shops and restaurants. You will see it will be back in no time and then they must start all over again and by travelling to other countries bring a new kind of the virus into these places.

  8. Quelle allure dans ce tailleur/pantalon dont j'aime beaucoup la veste qui se ferme subtilement sur ce chemisier en satin aux lignes nettes et au col original - Petit changement dans sa coiffure ; ses cheveux ne sont pas aussi tirés que d'habitude surtout sur le dessus de la tête ; j'adore ses clous d'oreilles en diamants !

    1. Yes this type of bun is better for her.

  9. Anonymous27/1/22 21:53

    This suit fits Victoria beautifully. I love the wrap - front jacket. The details make this look. Her hair and make- up look snashing.


  10. Anonymous27/1/22 22:58

    Very good look!


  11. Anonymous27/1/22 23:16

    Glad to see both the CP and her husband again after their recent bout of COVID. Love the blouse and shoes that seem made for each other.

  12. Anonymous28/1/22 00:43

    If only the suit didn't have the side detail, it would have been a perfect combination. Also, CPV is stunning in regular photo angles, but I just realized that her profile (chin in particular) reminds me of Lady Elaine from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.

  13. Anonymous28/1/22 02:03

    If this is to support Holocaust awareness then Hugo Boss was the most careless choice.

    Lauren R

  14. Anonymous28/1/22 02:43

    I love the suit (so beautifully cut), I love the blouse (lovely piping detailing) but I don't like the shoes (the white part is distracting peeking out from under the trouser hems).
    - Anon 9:13

  15. Is she serious?
    Has she no decency at all?
    Hugo Boss on Holocaust Memorial day?

    1. P.the original28/1/22 09:04

      You said it!
      No decency at all.
      They probably lack some basic school notions and have no sense of history.
      It does not surprise me.
      They do not seem to even mind their own health.

    2. OMG, thank you for the information, I didn't know HB was a member of Nazy Party. Real faux pas for Victoria. I will never ever look at clothes of this designer's house in the same way. Couldn't wear them myself.

    3. P.the original28/1/22 10:50

      I think it is fair to say that not all the Germans should be kept responsabile for the Holocaust nor did they all agreed with the Nazis'" Kampf".
      Common people suffered terribile losses and pains in Germany and they even paid with their own lives to fight against Nazism.
      One just needs to study German History and Literature both at schools and universities to get to know what really happened in Germany too.
      I see a lack of historical sense and basic school notions that I just can' t understand.
      I can' t understand Victoria on this particular occasion.
      I thought she was well educated respectful and smart enough to avoid such poor choices.
      Her country belongs to a continent, Europe,which was so deeply affected by Nazi crimes.
      Three words: History, Memory, Legacy.
      We can' t change history but we do have a duty to preserve Memory and hand it over to the new generations.
      Never forget, NEVER.
      Never say the Nazi criminals are almost all dead.
      Nazism is still deeply rooted in the most dangerous ways and in lots of new criminal minds.
      We can detect Nazi thought nowadays in the most subtle ways and we have a duty to fight it.
      Nonetheless, I want to clarify that the worst wars are still being fought in the name of race and religion all around the world and they are not always comnnected with a Nazi background.

    4. Anonymous28/1/22 13:59

      Thax for the information about Hugo Boss. I will never buy this Design again and look for further information.
      How can it be that famous?

    5. Anonymous28/1/22 16:03

      3/4 of the European fashion brands that common people can afford are German design made in China, Corea, Indonesia, etc...
      3/4 of the electro household gear is from German origin. And all the car brands of good quality are German. Do you think people pay attention to the fact that they buy German brands ? Do you think that people will stop to buy cheap goods made in China ? Did you know that the Chinese are buying as much as they can of production and/or business companies in Europe and Africa and probably in the rest of the world ?
      This process cannot be stopped even if you and me and our neighbours decide not to buy these brands anymore. Buying Chinese goods is not good for our health either. They are using too much chemicals in the production of the clothes they make. Never buy toys made in China. Young children put these toys in their mouth and the paint comes off which is very dangerous. The kind of paint they use to colour the toys is full of chemicals forbidden by the European Commission. In fact they are killing us too, slowly but surely. We can discuss these facts for hours and will never find a solution because it is too late already.....

    6. P.the original28/1/22 19:52

      Anon. 28/1/22 16.03
      It is up to our personal choice what to buy and what to discard.
      As far as I am concerd I strongly defend Germany and Germans as a nation and their people.
      I hope definitions such as " Stunde Null" or " Truemmerliteratur" make some sense to you.
      One can never jump to conclusions about an entire nation and its people without studying their History.
      Also their Literature is a living legacy itself and a mirror of human thought and events in a specific historical period.
      This country and its people suffered immensely from hunger and destruction, not to mention the warm aftermath and the country being split into two influence blocks.
      I applaud their strength to build on the war ruins and their ability to work and produce goods of every kind in their industries.
      What does all this have to do with a designer name comnnected with such dark historical facts and Victoria' s tactless choice on a particular day?
      As to Chinese products : it is a matter of personal choices too.
      There is a very wide range of European excellent products to choose from.
      Many times there are European raw materials being manufactured in China and following very high quality standards.
      I personally would not give a child any toxic toys which are not approved by the UE Commission ( you can see details in the labels , so if the item Is not approved according to UE standards , you can just discard it).
      European safety standards are specifically intended for this and you can look up for these guidelines.
      I think it is up to the consumers to choose what can be beneficial or detrimental for their health.

    7. P.the original28/1/22 19:55

      In my comment 28/1/22- 10:50
      I meant:
      held responsible
      nor did they all agree

  16. This is a excellent pantsuit. The pants fit perfectly. Love the jacket a touch different. Fabulous outfit.

  17. To Anonymous 28/1 08:04,
    Not all german brands came to fame and fortune creating and designing uniforms for Nazi Germany.
    This is bad taste at its Words.

  18. Anonymous28/1/22 13:55

    P.E.R.F.E.C.T.I.O.N. !


  19. Anonymous29/1/22 04:57

    Hugo Boss was no ordinary German. He was a Nazi. Totally inconsiderate.


    1. Hear hear!
      Well put.
      How naïve can you get to think otherwise?

  20. Anonymous29/1/22 05:37

    @Vanessa, once again you are spreading false information, no! the fact that you have had COVID, doesn’t protect you from getting it again, it’s true that we didn’t see many reinfections with Delta, most scientists agree that there was a good amount of antibodies, not superior to vaccines but close, we won’t know the length of natural immunity simply because that variant was annihilated by OMICRON, right now we are seeing tens of thousands of people, that have had the virus up to 3 times. Please check your sources before you spread misinformation.

    1. Covid means corona virus disease. There are several variants, the pathogens change frequently. Why? Because people become immune. It´s a survival strategy. The pathogen needs a host, it is not interested in killing it. It uses the host to multiply, to then spread further.

      We´ll never be able to get rid of corona viruses - they are in our environment and have been known for a long time - far preceding the pandemic. It is neither possible nor desirable to eridicate them or entirely shield us from them. Of course they will come back, in fact there are already there in one form or another. Any zero-covid strategy is bound to fail.

      I didn´t claim that having had the virus will protect you from getting it again. I said that once you´ve had it and recovered from it, you´ll have natural immunity. Please read carefully. We will all come into contact with pathogens and our body will have to deal with them. With a strong immune system (trained by years of exposure to pathogens, mostly during childhood, but continuously all through life), fighting off these pathogens is no big deal. This is what the immune system is for, it is designed to do just that. It will recognise the pathogen and eradicate it from the body swiftly if exposed to it again, which in most cases will not even lead to an infection at all, or if so, only a very mild one.

      Victoria and Daniel have had covid more than once, but they have hardly been affected this time, due to the immunity they have from having had it before.

      Whether a new variant consitutes a new virus can be discussed,(whether the mutation was big enough to produce a virus largely or only slightly different than the previous form). There are aspects pointing to the latter, i.e. that new variants differ only slightly, which in turn means that many of us have a cross-immunity from previous (even pre-pandemic) exposure, and thus any new exposure will result in only a mild infection, if any. If this wasn´t the case and the "novel corona virus" really was entirely new to this planet, no-one would have been asymptomatic: no-one would have had an immune system trained for this virus. But reality showed us that many people were asymptomatic, meaning their immune system recognised the type of virus and prevented infection.

      Why am I writing all this? Because it puts the covid measures in a different light. Initially, the approach was to flatten the curve, and it made sense. They said that we´ll all get it at some point and we just need to slow down the spread as to not overwhelm the health care system. Now, they say we need to avoid any exposure, or we´ll die, and neither is true. We can´t and shouldn´t eternally avoid exposure, and once exposed, it doesn´t pose a death threat. And for the record: I´m not saying that this virus cannot kill. Of course it can. And it has. But: it is still true that to the overwhelming majority of the population, it is not a dangerous infection as evidenced by the recovery rate.

      The strength of the immune system is key in all this. If you´re strong, you´ll cope with infection. If you´re weak (as is the case in the elderly with weakening body functions in general, and in the already sick with reduced immune defense), you´ll have to be more careful. In any case, strengthening the immune system is key, and most measures are counterproductive to this:
      - The mental stress caused by the measures compromises your immune system;
      - The masks stop your immune system from being trained while depriving your system of oxygen;
      - The closures, restrictions and quarantine rules stop people from exercising, spending time in the sun and in fresh air;
      - The financial difficulties many experience even stop some people from eating well and healthily.
      - Social isolation often prevents adequate care.
      It all needs to stop. Not to mention the enormous never-before-seen spending of taxpayer money;the massive amounts of rubbish in connection with testing and protective gear; serious social tensions and in part serious side effects of vaccines.

  21. Virginia Dogwood30/1/22 01:43

    Like Queen Letizia and others, I am a fan of Hugo Boss designs and they are not terribly expensive, as compared to others Royals are so fond of. But perhaps sensitivity would have called for a different designer for this event. The white/Black shoes should be left in the closet until spring. Then bring them out, as they are attractive.

    1. P.the original30/1/22 08:44

      If I remember well, also Q.Letizia has been criticized for wearing Hugo Boss creations.

  22. Anonymous30/1/22 15:00

    @Vanessa 30/01/22 11:04
    Are you a scientist ? or a MD ? I'm getting the impression that what you are saying has been copied from opinions we can read in the news papers or on sides that claim to be scientific but are not or have odd opinions about what is going on right now. We are lucky that we were provided in time with vaccines. For a great part of humanity it came too late. The fact that it costs the taxpayer money can be compared with a war. That costs money too. That we must use protective gear is mainly not to protect ourselves but to protect other people from getting it. The masks protect us for only a little %. Those who are getting side effects of the vaccines are people who are allergic to a common influenza vaccine or have serious health conditions. I am glad I had the booster after the two first vaccines. I will be very happy if by the next autumn & winter period 2022 there will be a new combination vaccine against the influenza virus and the covid or corona virus or whatever it will be called by then and that one dose will be enough until the year after that.

    1. Do whatever you think is right for you.
      I will forever defend anyone´s right to have access to and use the protection of their choice, but I will at the same time always oppose any sort of mandate.
      I don´t know which part of what I wrote you find odd. Please tell me what statement you disagree with. If you believe in vaccines, you better believe in the immune system as well, as the vaccines won´t accomplish anything by themselves. They are meant to trigger an immune response from ... (you guessed it!) the immune system.


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