Crown Princess Mary attended online meeting of the UNFPA

Massimo Dutti Autumn Winter 2020 collection wool flannel blazer. Crown Princess Mary wore a new red slim fit wool flannel blazer from Massimo Dutti

On January 19, 2021, Crown Princess Mary attended a virtual meeting of the United Nations Population Fund UNFPA's High-Level Commission on ICPD25. Since 2010 The Crown Princess has been patron of UNFPA and has throughout many years been a passionate advocate in the fight for gender equality and the advancement of women and girls’ rights.

The Commission was established to ensure that women have the necessary knowledge and tools to ensure that they can make decisions over their own bodies and thereby their own lives. The meeting today focused on the work needed to ensure zero preventable maternal deaths, zero unmet need for family planning and zero gender based violence and harmful practices against women and girls.


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  1. She looks gorgeous with her glasses in!

    1. Anonymous19/1/21 22:28

      Agree. I love the frames. Her hair and make-up look great.


    2. Anonymous20/1/21 08:19

      CP Mary definitive needs a hair cut……or a hair do……but It seems as she is afraid, it gives her an older look.


    3. I'm sorry, but that's tosh. Her hair looks much as usual (ie. very nice) and she is aging very gracefully, with natural lines around her eyes. If she was afraid of looking older, she'd hardly appear wearing reading glasses!

  2. I like her hairstyle but I do not like her highlights. If one has to highlight ones hair why not use many more highlights with far less hair per streak. If it is nicely done you do not see them individually but the total effect is lighter. It is more work but definitely worth it. I am not a fan of those specs.

  3. Anonymous19/1/21 22:34

    Nice jacket...the colour suits her very well! I also like her hair and glasses.

  4. Anonymous19/1/21 22:50

    I think she looks amazing. Yet another style look and it's good. She knows how to change it up.
    - Anon 9:13

  5. Anonymous19/1/21 23:44

    I think Mary is channelling Duchess Catherine. The plight of women is interesting; may we all continue to encourage each other to be the best version of ourselves.

  6. Anonymous20/1/21 06:04

    Lovely, classic wardrobe, hair/makeup

  7. Denmark will have another great queen

  8. Anonymous20/1/21 17:41

    I love her statement glasses, Do we know which brand? Frieda

  9. Anonymous20/1/21 20:39

    Crownprincess mary is a beautiful woman, without question. But I also think that her haircut makes she older (as well as wavy or pinned hairstyles, by the way) and has absolutely no finesse. Maximum shoulder length hair would
    definitely be more modern and fresher.

  10. Anonymous21/1/21 20:20

    For many years Mary has obviously applied lipstick outside the line. That can be okay on a photo from the distance (to make lips fuller), but I am always wondering how this looks in rea life for people meeting her in broad daylight.


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