Princess Sofia of Sweden celebrates her 36th birthday today

Princess Sofia wore an allie pleated  silk top from Viktoria Chan, and gold diamond nature ring from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. Princess Madeleine
Today is December 6, 2020 and Princess Sofia celebrates her 36th birthday. On the occasion of that birthday, Swedish Royal Palace released a new photo of the Princess. Princess Sofia (Sofia Kristina Hellqvist) was born on December 6, 1984 at Danderyds Hospital. Sofia got married to Prince Carl Philip in 2015 in the Royal Chapel at the Royal Palace of Stockholm. On April 19, 2016, Carl Philip and Sofia had their first child, Prince Alexander. On August 31, 2017, the Prince and Princess had their second child, Prince Gabriel.
Princess Sofia wore VIKTORIA CHAN Allie Pleated Top
VIKTORIA CHAN Allie Pleated Top
Princess Sofia wore LWL Jewelry gold diamonds earrings
LWL Jewelry Earrings


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  1. Sofia est toujours aussi charmante ; j'aime beaucoup son haut de couleur écrue au décolleté original avec un joli plissé jusqu'à la taille en espérant que la ceinture en tissu soit nouée sur le devant comme sur la deuxième photo - Bon et heureux anniversaire à elle en souhaitant qu'il soit suivi par beaucoup d'autres pendant très, très longtemps !

  2. She's the most beautiful royal. Happy Birthday!

  3. Wishing a very Happy Birthday to Princess Sofia. She is such a beautiful woman.

    1. Yes, Happy Birthday to Princess Sofia. A beautiful modern Royal.
      Love the top and ensemble by Victoria Chan. I've noted that Victoria Chan is a down to earth Swedish fashion brand house. Love their work. They say in their publicity .........
      "we are a Swedish designer brand, embodying a blend of structured simplicity and modern sophistication to create the perfect day and evening look for the urban career woman".
      They seem to know what they are talking about.

  4. Anonymous6/12/20 19:26

    Princess Sofia is more beautiful than Beatrice Borromeo. And we always must read that Beatrice is classic beauty and fashion icon. I don't understand some people taste.

    1. Well, those other people perhaps do not understand your taste. But there is good news! You both have excellent taste! Just in different things :-) . Isn't it nice to have diversity? Plenty of beauty for everyone to enjoy. What a blessing.

    2. Anonymous6/12/20 21:13

      Well....I also find it rather unattractive. All just make-up. Frieda

    3. Sofia is beautiful and this is a great photo of her. Don't understand why it is necessary to compare her to anyone else.

    4. Anonymous7/12/20 02:52

      @10:26 What was point in this comment? You act like Beatrice bullied you in school.

    5. Anonymous7/12/20 06:49

      It? Really?!

    6. Anonymous7/12/20 06:51

      “No matter how plain a woman may be, if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

      Personally I don't find Sofia beautiful. Her looks and style have improved since she became the princess, still she's quite average looking woman.
      When you look at this picture, don't forget that she's wearing makeup and the photo has been photoshopped. Still her hair look dry and limp. She is smiling with her mouth closed (she do not have beautiful teeth-smile like Victoria and Madeleine have). Sofia's best feature are her eyes.
      But its good that for every person there's someone who find her (him) beautiful and special :)

    7. Anonymous7/12/20 07:23

      Agree, Princess Sophia is the one and inly. There is no other pretty women, unfortunately. Most men would like to meet her for dinner as an english opinion pol said. The men said, that they love her activity for project playground and her World Childhood Foundation
      where she and the Queen Silvia are very involved in. Beyond that she has the personality to get people together and stop polarisation in hard times.

    8. Anonymous7/12/20 14:11

      Pss Sofia confident is her biggest feature.

  5. Anonymous6/12/20 20:41

    Happy Birthday to this beautiful Princess.

  6. Anonymous6/12/20 23:59

    Now we are talking - SHE is truly the Beauty of the Ball, hands down! The top is gorgeous and makes her shine even more. Happy Birthday lovely Princess! A.d'M

  7. Anonymous7/12/20 02:15

    Anonymous @ 10:26 PM, you seem to be fixated with the looks of Beatrice B.
    It doesn't sound healthy. Your comments sound a little childish.
    Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the prettiest of them all....

  8. Anonymous7/12/20 09:52

    @ Anon.10.26 P.M.
    Your comments are sounding more and more weird.
    What is wrong with you and why this obsession with Beatrice?
    What are you aiming at?

  9. Anonymous7/12/20 13:18

    My dear friends.. it's not my obession. We all are entitled to have our own opinion in every way. I don't find Beatrice beautiful. Amen.

    1. Anonymous7/12/20 21:06

      That was not a prayer.

    2. Anonymous8/12/20 06:42

      When I visit Sweden I see so many beautiful, tall, slim, blonde women. Sofia wouldn't even catch my eye among them.
      I don't find Sofia beautiful. Sofia is average-looking. She did not bother with proper education. She has no real job experience. Her looks have been tuned since she became princess but I can not call this woman beautiful. Never. There's something cold and calculating in her eyes.
      On the other hand I find her sister-in-laws very stunning and beautiful. There's something more alluring in Madeleine and Victoria than in Sofia.
      - Robert

    3. Anonymous8/12/20 10:23

      Not a prayer. My OWN opinion.

    4. Anonymous8/12/20 17:23

      Robert and what about Beatrice Borromeo?

  10. Anonymous7/12/20 22:25

    Is there room for only one pretty princess? Only SHE is pretty? No room for two different young women to both be beautiful? It’s true, you may not realize it, but you post some unusual comments. What does Beatrice or anyone else have to do with anyone’s opinion on Sophia - or any other person? If you want us all to be informed of your own top twenty royal beauties countdown, go ahead and setup a site for it.

  11. Anonymous8/12/20 09:04

    People stop bashing me. I'm only write that I don't understand admiration about Beatrice. It's all. Relax. Everything is OK.

    1. Anonymous8/12/20 09:51

      Playing the victim now?
      You wrote other unpleasant comments elsewhere, not only about Beatrice.

    2. Anonymous8/12/20 13:43

      Maybe it's not my comments??? I'm not only one Anonymus.


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