Princess Madeleine shared a photo of her children on the 2nd of Advent

Princess Madeleine, Christopher O’Neill, Princess Leonore, Princess Adrienne and Prince Nicolas. Princess Adrienne wore a red sweater and shirt

Princess Madeleine shared a photo of her children Princess Leonore, Princess Adrienne and Prince Nicolas on the 2nd of Advent. The Royal Family also shared that photo on Instagram with the caption: "Today, the second Advent candle is lit in many homes in Sweden and abroad. With this photo, Princess Madeleine and her family wish a happy second Advent.". The photo was taken by Christopher O’Neill.


  1. Un trio vraiment craquant ; j'adore la petite frimousse de la princesse Adrienne !

  2. Lovely Christmas pic.

  3. This photo is so lovely; the children look Christmasy. Lighting the Advent candles is very symbolic of Our Saviours Birth.

  4. Just because snow isn’t falling in Florida, doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate the Christmas holidays. What a lovely picture. Nicolas is such a handsome boy. Adrienne so cute with her curls. Leonore has lost some of her baby teeth and seem to be proud of it ;)
    2020 has been very strange and unusual year. Lets light the Advent candles and prey for the better future!

  5. @ Karen
    Thank you for your beautiful comment.
    Yes, let us pray to Christ Our Saviour to bring his healing light into the world and help us cope with these hard times.
    'We will meet again' (from Queen Elizabeth's speech).

  6. Not sure what you mean by 'just because snow not falling', you do realise half the world celebrates Christmas at summer time every year, and it's just as wonderful. The children look like they don't mind that they are having a summer Christmas either.


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