Crown Princess Mary sent a Christmas greeting and shared a new photo

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As chair of the Mary Foundation, Crown Princess Mary sent a Christmas greeting on the foundation's digital platforms and also shared a photo.

The greeting of Crown Princess Mary includes the following, among other things: It has been a very special and challenging year. For many people, the restrictions have led to a great social deprivation.

But 2020 has also confirmed us in how much we need each other. And there has been a lot to be thankful for - which gives hope: The will to be something for each other and the courage to stand up and ask for help is something I have had the pleasure of experiencing many times in the past year.

I would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and say a big thank you to those who have shown consideration, compassion and empathy - and also to those who have been through the past in spite of great deprivation.

Merry Christmas
H.R.H. The Crown Princess.


  1. Mary is such a beautiful and intelligent lady. A perfect crown princess.

  2. What a beautiful photograph. From the blue background, the lovely blue blouse and lastly the star herself. It is always a thrill to see Mary.....She makes me smile!

  3. Very lovely and dignified.

  4. Lovely photo of the Crown Princess! 🥀

  5. What a beautiful blouse (jacket, dress?) The color is gorgeous and very flattering to her complexion. But the part I love is that asymmetrical fold down the front. She is just class with a capitol C. And that background, perfection. Monochromatic at its best.

  6. CP Mary looks divine.

    1. Indeed Debra I totally agree with you.

  7. You can probably tell: The graduated, matt, broken color nuances that have caused a sensation here recently with Princess Margriet make faces shine.
    The Crown Princess is fantastically well taken in this photo.
    Merry Christmas to Denmark!

  8. Ravissante dans cette couleur bleu pale ; discrètes boucles d'oreilles avec une broche délicate en forme de papillon !

  9. Crown Princess Mary looks amazing.


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