The Duchess of Cambridge launched a new photography project

The Duchess of Cambridge launched a new photography project called "Hold Still" in her capacity as patron of The National Portrait Gallery. The project will ask people to share their photos which depict the UK people’s feelings during the coronavirus pandemic.
Kate Middleton wore Raey Bracelet sleeve acid tree print silk dress. Yellow floral print dress comes from British brand Raey
The Duchess will take part in the curation of the exhibition. The photos to be sent by the public should represent three themes - Helpers and Heroes, Your New Normal and Acts of Kindness. The purpose of the project is to capture a portrait of the nation while it goes through a difficult time. The Duchess is a skillful amateur photographer and has chosen five photos that represent the project's three core themes.
The Duchess of Cambridge launches a community photography project - VIDEO

The Duchess of Cambridge's choices include a heartbreaking shot of intensive care nurse Aimee Gould’s face covered in red marks from PPE after a 13-hour shift treating sick patients at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospital.
Care nurse Aimee Gould at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospital
Aimee, who shared the selfie online, wrote: This is the face going through hell. This is the face full of pressure damage from wearing PPE for almost 13 hours a day. This is the face of someone who hasn’t seen their own family for nearly a month. "This is the face of someone who holds your dying family member’s hand, so they’re never alone."
Ray and Theresa Cossey, both 81, in lockdown in Norfolk
Another snap shows Ray and Theresa Cossey, both 81, in lockdown in Norfolk and their great-grandchildren Florence, three, and Edith, one, trying to touch them through glass.

Kate Middleton wore RAEY Bracelet sleeve acid tree print silk dress
RAEY Yellow Floral Print Dress


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  1. Anonymous7/5/20 11:18

    Kate has a lovely smile.

  2. Anonymous7/5/20 12:19

    The dress does not impress me, but the initiative does!

  3. Wonderful project. I love her commitment and sincerity.

    1. Anonymous7/5/20 14:42

      Totally agree

    2. Agree - and I also like her dress!

  4. Yellow is definately not her colour. Whwn she has worn yellow before it did not look so good either. It is time to ban that colour from her wardrobe.

  5. Anonymous7/5/20 15:44

    The coloring is great but not a fan of the print. What a wonderful initiative and great way for her to use her patronage during these times.

  6. Il n'y a que l'initiative qui me plaƮt ; c'est tout !

  7. Anonymous7/5/20 17:45

    I Love these photography projects of hers, she gets to show her skills and interests.
    the dress she is wearing is very much her style, very lady like.

    miss W

  8. As above. Super initiative and very much her kind of thing. I don't like the dress much in the full length picture-it would be very long even with high heeled sandals and just looks clumsy with the trainers. Agree with Nalerina that yellow is not her best colour though there was a nice bright yellow at Wimbledon one year and a brocade dress in Germany? Poland? on a European tour. There's very little that doesn't suit her!

  9. Anonymous7/5/20 21:17

    And she does *not* have a proper blow-dry the way she usually has. I think this could be a conscious decision at a time when normal nonroyal women cannot go to the hairdresser. - She looks fabulous, with or without blow-dry and her little projects these days are very good and appropriate. Always something more than just showing herself or her children to the public. (Ann.)

  10. I'm ok with the dress, and her smile and hairstyle and makeup - it's just fantastic.

    The only thing that I (as a nurse myself) don't want to see anymore are this pics of nurses that are photoshopped to look more dramatically. (marks made darker, eyes made bigger to look more vulnerable.)

  11. Appropriate spring dress. She’s lovely.

  12. Anonymous8/5/20 03:31

    Very pretty in yellow and nice casual, but classy look to her hair.


  13. This is a great initiative. The Duchess has been working hard and kept up to date, she has done so well. Her smile is lovely, her face reflects kindness and just all round nice person.

  14. I think this is a great initiative for the Duchess. As for her look, she looks fantastic. I am loving her more natural hairstyle, less of a formal blowout and very appropriate for the times. It is still neat and done, but not perfect, looks like a normal mom with relaxed waves. Great natural makeup. As for the dress, you can't tell if it is as long as on the model or she has had it altered. I actually like the color, it's very ladylike and springy, very much what she would wear. Plus, I'm sure she is not wearing clunky white trainers with her dress:)

  15. Anonymous11/5/20 02:59

    Kate is a mum who has her children home everyday receiving home schooling. Her dress as others say is very much a spring outfit. The hair style is good;how do most people look at 9am in the morning. During this time;even in Australia there is nowhere to go, even if you have a lot of money;most people are helping their neighbours or keeping in touch with relatives,to make sure we all get through this. Take Care everybody.

  16. Anonymous12/5/20 17:52

    The photo of the nurse and her comment says it all about this era we all now live in. When loved ones are dying alone in a hospital, the nurse must be family and clergy as well to the dying. Their lives are in danger every moment of every day at work. They have to go home and be there for their families. Who ministers to the nurses?


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