Princess Sofia met with representatives of Girl Effect Organization

On July 5, Thursday, Princess Sofia met with representatives of "Girl Effect" organization, namely, Senior Director Matthew Freeman and Global Gender Director Natalie Au at the Royal Palace. Girl Effect is an organization that aims to enable defenseless girls use Mobile technology more effective by means of TEGA and Springster Projects which are implemented in 66 countries and 4 continents. TEGA is a mobile-based research methodology used by leading development organisations and aims to encourage adolescent girls to conduct research in hard to reach communities. Springster is a global mobile platform which gives adolescent girls information, inspiration and confidence to take on their world.
Princess Sofia met with representatives of "Girl Effect" organization, namely, Senior Director Matthew Freeman and Global Gender Director Natalie Au


  1. Princess Sofia looks fabulous

  2. There's something I don't understand about the Swedish royal family. They're always having meetings with representatives from organizations. A photo will be posted showing them smiling and happy and then that's it. On to the next organization. After that first meeting, they don't get involved with any of the representatives they meet with.

    What's the point of having these so called meetings if your're not going to work with their project or whatever.
    It seems like they just do it to fill space on the calendar and look like they are socially involved with different groups.

    1. How do you know how the Swedes or any other royals do their work?

      Besides, this is a fashion blog. There are forums online for other types of discussions.

    2. Spot on! very true. They don't get involved after their meetings a all. People will always justify saying that they work more you just don't know about it. I don't think thats true with the prince couple or madeleine (will exception of childhood ).
      If they worked more of course it would be beneficial to put some of that work on the official calender. It does not benefit the royal family to have a empty calender for some members. Now that they have their own instagra of course they would publish their work if they were working.

  3. Pss Sofia looks very good today white and black is never a wrong choice. About meeting representatives from organizations it puts light on these organizations so young people know that there is help out there when needed. How much work is done behind closed doors we don't know.

  4. This falls very flat for me. Better perhaps than some disastrous ones in the past, but if you want to do a black and white outfit, at least find some interesting tailored pieces or some interesting details or accessories.... Maybe Stephanie of Luxembourg lent her fashion advisor to Sophia.


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