Crown Princess Mary will visit Seattle in USA

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark will visit Seattle city of USA in connection with introduction of Danish art and culture. The visit will take place between the dates of May 3-5, 2018. During Seattle visit, the Crown Princess will attend a series of events relating to introduction of art and culture. The purpose of the visit is to create new partnerships between Danish and USA art. Minister for Foreign Affairs of Denmark Anders Samuelsen will accompany the Crown Princess.
Crown Princess Mary attend the official opening of new building of new Nordic Museum in Seattle. Princess attend a series of events of art and culture
Program of the visit:
On May 3, Thursday, the Crown Princess will attend "Danish Culture" presentation held at Nordic Museum, which aims to create better conditions for Danish art and culture in USA.

On May 4, Friday, the Crown Princess will attend a discussion event on "Empowerment of Women and Abolition of Economic Restrictions on Women" at Washington University. The event is held by Embassy of Denmark in cooperation with Washington University and Center for Research on Women (ICRW). The Crown Princess will then visit Novo Nordisk Research Center and will attend an official gala dinner at Nordic Museum in the evening.

Opening of Nordic Museum.
On May 5, Saturday, Crown Princess Mary will attend the official opening of new building of Nordic Museum together with repsesentatives of other Scandinavian countries and give an opening speech. The Crown Princess is responsible for the official opening. In the construction of the Museum, Nordic fjords was the source of inspiration.


  1. Great - but what does her husband do? He is almost never seen.

  2. Royalty fan 1 May 2018

    I can't agree more with Tintomara, what is he doing? You're right, the world never see him, and that while Mary is working very hard, with a double load now that prince Henrik passed on. I understand there's a book written about him now, wonder if it was written by Frederik himself, or somebody else. This is really a big question, what on earth is he doing, why don't he accompany his wife, or share with her work load??

    1. This is a fashion blog and of course we are more interested in the royal women. Surely, the men are fulfilling their duties in suits, trousers, etc...

  3. i wouldnt talk about big load, like if she worked as a miner....and what does it mean now that prince Henrik passed on? what did he do of so important apart living as a prince??

  4. As the Crown Prince and Princess, they each have their own organizations and specific duties. they She is the more glamorous one, so we hear more about her and see more posts.

  5. Beautiful as ever.

  6. If you want to know what Frederik does go check his calendar. He has several events while Mary is in Seattle. The men are never written about in royal blogs if they are not in company with their wives. It does not mean they don't work and since Frederik are the heir he has more administrative duties than his wife, and these are seldom in the calendar.

  7. I hope that Danish art and culture will be appreciated by the people in US. Please take a safe trip in US.

  8. El príncipe Federico se debe estar preparando para el festejo de sus 50 años jajaja

  9. Little Denmark is a global player, when it comes to design and innovation. Bluetooth, Hasselblad, Wegner, Mogensen, Jacobsen, Baum & Pferdgarten, Malene Birgensen, Royal Copenhagen - to name a few. I hope, it will be a successful trip to the USA. Nice blouse - black Chiffon - a classic item of its own. If one want to know, what the Crown Prince is doing. The Royal House of Denmark has his own website and one can follow them;-)

  10. Hopefully there is a lot of Press coverage. The USA knows the BRF,.. not to many other Royal houses an families.

  11. Can we see more of her outfit? I'm loving the blouse!


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