Princess Victoria met Ardalan Shekarabi at Haga Palace

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden met with Swedish Minister for Public Administration, Ardalan Shekarabi at Haga Royal Palace in Solna, Stockholm on Friday. This meeting wasn't at the Swedish royal court's calendar.
Crown Princess Victoria met with Swedish Minister Ardalan Shekarabi. Princess Victoria wore Morris Stockholm Lady Jacket
Crown Princess Victoria wore Morris Lady Jacket
Morris Stockholm Lady Jacket


  1. Definitely this jacket looks better layered over a top of some sort than buttoned up in front, as in the previous photo. Victoria appears to be either listening intently, or bored. Can't decide which. Haha. Regardless, she looks great in blue.

  2. Jacket is better when open. Otherwise it needs to be a size bigger!
    [I wonder why the bowl of fruit is on the table - it's not likely the CP would suddenly start biting on an apple!]

  3. In this jacket, she looks sporty, strong, but is obviuos that she is in nice physical condition and that her musculature is well toned.More she is so kind and sweat person, I like a lot her and hear beutiful familly.

  4. Love the skirt. Beautiful colour. Clearly the top is at least one size too small. Overall a balanced look, but somewhat left wanting.


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