Tatiana Santo Domingo attend the Noor Fares' Akasha party

Tatiana Santo Domingo attend the launch of jewelry designer Noor Fares' new jewellery collection 'Akasha' at the Lamb Gallery on November 15, 2016 in London, UK.
The Lebanese jewellery designer Noor Fares, sculptural fine-jewellery designs, Muzungu Sisters, The concept for Muzungu Sisters founders and friends, Dana Alikhani and Tatiana Santo Domingo
The Lebanese jewellery designer Noor Fares, sculptural fine-jewellery designs, Muzungu Sisters, The concept for Muzungu Sisters founders and friends, Dana Alikhani and Tatiana Santo Domingo


  1. Well for some reason the admin of this site has decided to remove all of my comments for no reason whatsoever. I know this comment won't be published either, but honestly none of my comments were rude, you even removed my positive comments about. That's just ridiculous.

  2. Tatiana Santo Domingo seems to be a relaxed woman. No cry for attention, no Bling Bling.

  3. I have followed the Instagrams of this "crowd" (they were profiled in a magazine years ago before marriages etc & also includes Niarchos & Missoni) for several years now. What I have seen is nothing like their official publicized images. They are decadent beyond words. Supposedly ecologically minded, they jet all over the world all year long. Supposedly preferring artisan wares, they wear furs and designer labels. Supposedly in favor of minority and women's issues they have minority female servants with them everywhere. You may look at their one Instagram account but if you look at the accounts of their tagged friends and dig deeper there are pictures of these people dressed up like spoilt children for everything from Burning Man to a private costume themed "friendship weekend." Dont be fooled. These are people so self centered. They are doing virtually nothing for charity, and showing up in these clothes is for a photograph. Mrs Cadiraghi wears lots of fur, JAR jewelry, and couture. The clothing lines they promote or "own" are so expensive that only their friends can afford them. One of this clique posted an Instagram of her son annoying a woman in an airport, complete with mocking comments (since removed). They go to all one another's events, without each other there would be no market for their jewelry designs, artisan clothing, clutches, or "openings" "previews" and other posh excuses to party & shop. I rarely look at these instagrams any more because I find them to be disgusting. Thank God for Her Serene Highness Princess Charlene.

    1. C only C, I admit I am not well-informed about Tatiana Santo Domingo and her peers. To me she seemed down-to-earth, but obviously I was deceived.

  4. Bien moi, je lui trouve un air sombre. Je n'aime pas ce regard.

  5. C only C
    I like Tatiana and her Bohemian style … to me she seems as a sympatic girl, who I have come to know through the media since she started dating Andrea ...... most of the time she is wearing her own designer brand. Her friends behavior doesn't interest me!

  6. Tatiana Casiraghi & her friends participate in an extremely exploitative lifestyle. So often I see comments online of "she is so natural, not interested in the spotlight, she supports artisans." She is comfortable with her body and does not seem to want publicity. For this I commend her.
    Her style seems to be equated with humanitarian, charitable, affordable, laudable leadership in fashion and I feel this is not correct.
    She wears very often (and this I know from seeing her pictured in her friends' and friends-of-friends Instagram pictures): jewelry designed by her friends who travel the world year-round on private aircraft to buy gems of who-knows-what provenance, many furs, exclusive couture, rare artifacts that are museum quality, ridiculously expensive handbags. Items such as these are usually acquired or produced through exploitative means, especially when a friend such as Niarchos travels to mines in the developing world as she has posted on her instagram.
    Mrs Casiraghi's "brand" prices are unconscionably high as are the designs that she wears & which her friends "design." A rather ordinary gold and moonstone pendant should not cost thousands of dollars as V'nyx brand does unless *someone* was reaping a large profit. The whole clique is out for a buck. Their events cost multi multi thousand dollars and they move from one event to another all year long in private planes & helicopters followed by a coterie of servants. And this is "down-to-earth?”
    An item styled in a Bohemian or relaxed style does not mean it is sensitive to humanitarian or ecological goals. A company such as Mrs Casiraghi's employs workers in the developing world to produce pompoms that are sewn onto the products of other workers in the developing world for a "living wage." It is still exploitation unless almost all of the $400-$2000 price tag for the item goes to the workers. Mrs Casiraghi and her partner have never publicized the proceeds or projects they are funding with their brand. I would like to be wrong, but so far their Instagram and that of their friends shows quaint (and thus inherently demeaning) images of peasants, their jet-set friends toting their unused merchandise, and their vacation photos.
    Mrs Casiraghi does not seem to care about the issues of her laborers. One post on their Instagram awhile back: the art of making the (baskets or pom poms, I don't recall which) in South America was becoming extinct - well, there are remedies for that, but if one needs to jet off to a G.Valli or V.World opening in a new gown with walls of flowers and gold-plated utensils - or a wedding in V'tino draped in ancient jewels then one must save their pennies no doubt.
    Mr&Mrs Casiraghi are socialites. They have no useful service or even loyalties since Mrs Casiraghi has said she lives "everywhere and nowhere." With Mr Casiraghi's decades of hateful glares and unkempt rare participation in Monaco’s events, not role models or philanthropists, they are merely socialites.


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