Queen Rania shared a family photo on her twitter account

Queen Rania of Jordan published a photo bearing the images of herself, her daughters Princess Salma and Princess Iman with the message "A beautiful summer day with my two favorite girls, Salma and Iman" on her Twitter account.
Queen Rania and her two daughters Princess Salma and Princess Iman of Jordan


  1. That is pretty photo of Queen Rania and her daughters.

  2. I'm not familiar with Rania's children can someone please tell me which one is Iman and Salma?

    1. Princess Iman to the left on her mom and Princess Salma on the right her mom

  3. Looking at the photo, Princess Iman( lighter hair color) is on the left and Princess Salma on the right .

  4. Lovely photo of three beautiful women !!!!!!!!!!

  5. La princesse à la droite de la photo ou encore si vous aimez mieux, à la gauche de sa maman, bref, celle avec les cheveux plus foncés, eh bien, elle est la moins jolie. Peut-être quelques mèches blondes adouciraient-elles ses traits. Ça ne veut pas dire qu'elle n'est pas gentille, seulement, du point de vue physique, elle est la moins attirante.


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