Charlotte Casiraghi Wore A Gucci Coat And Dress

Charlotte Casiraghi attended celebrations of Monaco National Day 2016 held at Monaco Principality Palace on November 19, 2016. She attended a church service held on the occassion of Monaco National Day at Saint Nicholas Cathedral in the morning and then she attended celabrations held in the Palace's yard.
Charlotte Casiraghi wore a Gucci red wool coat
Charlotte Casiraghi chose all parts of her dress from Gucci. Charlotte wore a Gucci red wool coat, and she wore a Gucci Viscose jersey dress for inside, the shoe was a bone-color leather shoe by Gucci. There was a Gucci Sylvie series black leather handbag and the hat was again a Gucci red veiled hat.
Casiraghi wears Gucci red wool coat, Gucci Viscose jersey dress, Gucci Light Leather Pump, Gucci Sylvie Leather Bag, Gucci Hat With Veil
Charlotte Casiraghi wore GUCCI Viscose Jersey Dress
GUCCI Viscose Jersey Dress
Charlotte Casiraghi wore Gucci Light Leather PumpCharlotte Casiraghi style GUCCI Sylvie Leather Mini Chain Bag
                        GUCCI Light Leather Pump                          GUCCI Sylvie Leather Bag
Charlotte Casiraghi wore GUCCI Hat With Veil
GUCCI Hat With Veil


  1. All her outfit doesn't look nice, not only too much red but the style is awful and the shoes are too heavy .

  2. Charlotte est une très mauvaise publicité pour Gucci

    1. She reminded me of a flight assistant

  3. What I just don't understand is, why do these High Fashion labels create clothes, that make women look ugly, ridiculous and unhappy. And why would anyone buy this? I understand that Haute Couture is more about design and art and the art of tailoring and that Haute Coute shows are more like a theatre show. But then take it as a show, visit the exhibitions, spend thousands of dollars on a dress,if you know nothing else to do with your money, but then see it like a piece of art and hang it on wall......but don't!! wear it!

  4. Les chaussures sont absolument horribles et en plus elle ne sait pas marcher avec !!
    Le reste çà va !!

  5. I do wish the admin on of this account would start giving proper credit for fashion finds. Almost everything you post is found by other people on twitter and blogs and you almost never give them credit. Heaven on twitter found this outfit yesterday.

  6. Her posture not at all good

  7. And why did she just leave the bow untied? Just hanging there looking dishelved. She is at mass? Tacky tacky Charlotte.

  8. I cannot understand how something so expensive can look so bad. The hat, my gosh, every six years old could make better one. I cannot understand any fashion house can let it go out.

  9. She is as beautiful as a goddess but that outfit needs to GO!! C'mon Gucci, Chanel, somebody hook the girl up with some pretty clothes.

  10. Gucci has other interesting outfit that DOES NOT necessarily to be this Charlotte dear, unless she's endorsed to wear her house brand, but if she's not compelled to wear it and she's chose it all by herself then poor choices dear, somehow you didn't make it work.

  11. Gucci should burn the coat, the dress, the shoes and the hat. Or maybe find someone else that might look better in them, although is doubtful.

  12. A bad take on a retro look.


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