Prince Felix and Princess Claire attended a charity concert

Prince Felix of Luxembourg and Princess Claire of Luxembourg attended a charity concert held by the "Le Souriere de Lucie" charity association which helps families of children suffering from Sjögren-Larrson syndrome (SLS) and made a donation to the association. Two years old Princess Amalia who is the daughter of the couple also attended the event.
Prince Felix, Princess Claire, Princess Amalia at  charity concert for Le Souriere de Lucie association, style royal fashions dresses


  1. At least Felix looks 100 times better than his 'grandpa' brother Guillaume!

    1. And Claire looks 100 times better than her old-maidish sister-in-law Stephanie.
      Amalia is so cute!

    2. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

      Real beauty comes from within.


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