Two Stamps From Monaco Honor Of Princess Charlene

Two stamps from Monaco honor Princess Charlene of Monaco
Monaco’s Office des Timbres will issue an engraved stamp featuring Princess Charlene
     Monaco’s Office des Timbres will issue an engraved stamp featuring Princess Charlene Dec. 3.

     Designed by Stefanie Van Zyl and engraved by Elsa Catelin, the €1.60 stamp will show a portrait of the princess with a bouquet of proteas, the national flower of South Africa in the background. Charlene was born in Rhodesia, but moved with her family to South Africa when she was 11.

     Also on Dec. 3, Monaco will issue a €0.68 stamp picturing a rose named after the princess. Monaco’s Office des Timbres describes this rose created by Meilland International, “The luxuriant rose blooms with a beautiful display of pastel shades, and its pale pink flowers, with their delicately sweet scent, each have around 68 petals.”


  1. The artwork for the stamp is nicely done and Princess Charlene's beauty really shines.

  2. The correspondence with flowering roses - charming and beautiful.

  3. Good. At least she's on a stamp to be remembered. Because she disappeared long time ago

  4. You obviously don't read the news...

  5. ze staat er heel mooi op , net zo als ze is.
    charmant ik vind het fijn voor haar !!!

  6. j'ai dans mon jardin le rosier Princesse Charlène, celui de la Princesse Grace et celui des Princes de Monaco


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