The Royal Palace releases final details of twins' baptism

Princess Gabriella will be Gareth Wittstock, brother of Princess Charlene, and the godmother Nerine Pienaar
Five months to the day after their birth, Monaco will celebrate the baptism of the Princely twins, Crown Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, this Sunday 10th May

The Royal Palace has just released the final details of the special day. A church ceremony will take place at 10.30am in the Monaco Cathedral and will be attended by members of the Princely family and the Wittstock family.

The godfather of Prince Jacques has been named as Christopher Le Vine Jr. – a cousin of Prince Albert and also best man at the Prince's 2011 wedding, while the godmather will be Diane de Polignac Nigra.

The godfather of Princess Gabriella will be Gareth Wittstock, brother of Princess Charlene, and the godmother Nerine Pienaar – a close friend of the princess and wife of François Pienaar, the former South African rugby team captain who led them to world victory in 1995.

Monegasque people, residents and well-wishers can follow the religious ceremony from the Palace Square, where a giant screen has been installed. At noon, following the mass, people can cheer the Princely couple as they walk to the palace along Rue Bellando de Castro, surrounded by Monegasque and Provençal folk groups.

The religious ceremony will be televised in its entirety on the Monaco Info channel ( and via the Prince's Palace Facebook page (

A ceremony will be held in the Hall of Mirrors where Crown Prince Jacques will be appointed the Grand Cross in the Order of Grimaldi, and Princess Gabriella Grand Officer in the Order of Grimaldi.


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  1. Anonymous7/5/15 15:26

    Hope their'll happy. Think life for Charlene won't be easy with those sisters in law, specially Caroline. Hard to be as perfect as them. But C and A deserve to have a nice life with the twins :)

    1. Anonymous7/5/15 17:58

      Her sisters in law are not perfect, not at all...

    2. Anonymous7/5/15 20:24

      Both sisters had a really hard live. And as well all of their children. They are struggeling to have a "normal" life.
      Especially Princess Carolines daughter Princess Charlotte, who is absolutly sophisticated, beautiful and a amazing Sportstar in Horseriding. To grew up without a father, who supports you as human being is sad for a daughter. Her Brothers made perfect matches. Hopefully she will find love and not will end up like

    3. Anonymous7/5/15 20:47

      Charlotte is not a princess.

    4. Anonymous8/5/15 09:50

      The brothers Casiraghi made an excellent choice, Tatiana and Béatrice both are amazing women, but I don't think Charlotte and Gad will ever celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary lol.

    5. Anonymous9/5/15 21:02

      Mr. Elmaleh and Mrs. Grimaldi are very similar in some ways: Leaders, Perfektionists, Immatures too much money to grew up, Humor, amorous

      There are chances to make the 25 th wedding anniversary .... if they decide to make a gap year of their own...
      without the symbiotic families ....only the Gad and Charlotte, Raphael and Noe (sometimes)...maybe in China

  2. Anonymous7/5/15 16:16

    How lovely, on Mothers Day.

  3. Anonymous8/5/15 09:54

    Aucun Grimaldi aucun Casiraghi comme parrain/marrain,
    La revanche de Charlène(?)

  4. Anonymous9/5/15 20:37

    My prediction for tomorrow is:
    There will be al poor dressed Princess Charlene (owed regulate) and the poor grannys of the babys aren´t invited.
    Only one of Princess Charlenes brothers will be allowed to have a short look to his nephew and nice.
    I wonder what Princess Caroline and Princess Stephanie will wish to the new members of their family.


  5. het zal de allermooiste dag van kun leven zijn .zo gelukkig met hun gezinnetje,en ik zie het op alle foto,s
    hoe verliefd ze zijn ,en hoe veel ze van mekaar houden!!!!! ze hebben hun eigen leven ,
    ik hoop dat er nu eens mooi over hun geschreven word en geen leugens !!!!

  6. ik vind het niet aardig, hoe het is geschreven, ik heb het toch goed in nederlands geschreven....


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