Princess Victoria attends a seminar at the Swedish University in Uppsala

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden attends the seminar of the Swedish Fresh Water Monitoring at the Swedish University on May 11, 2015 in Uppsala, Sweden.
                              TIGER OF SWEDEN Blazer                    LK BENNETT Pumps


  1. Victoria looks like an old lady

  2. she needs to change her hair, its boring

  3. The outfit would be much better and more modern with trousers.

  4. She does need a new hairdo, possibly a cut. That is too severe for her with it pulled back like that but I am sure it is comfortable and easy to wear.

  5. It dosn't help with trousers, she looks like she is 60, and she always have boring hair. Why does she always use hairknots? Why can't she never let her hair be down!

  6. With her facial features and shape she looks much better with her hair down.

  7. I hate to say it, but Victoria's clothes are really boring. Her mother dresses more stylish than she does.

  8. From my (Swedish) point of view Crownprincess Viktoria was dressed smart and so was her hair. If one wants to have a professional approach in both dressing and hairdo with focus on and respect for the days subject one couldn't have made a better choise ! Our Crownprincess is not a little fashion doll but a professional working woman.She has bland other educations a degree allowing her to work as a diplomat which she took by going through the same studies as other students have done before and after her to get that diplomacy-degree. In the arabic world women would wear a head-scarf to make people focus on other things than their look, so why not respect our Crownprincess for not putting herself in focus (by using advanced hairdo and clothes) but letting the media-focus go to the subject of her visit ?!
    I admire and respect our Crownprincess just because of that ! Today allmost everything seems to be about the outer shell, dressing and hair-styling. How about changing focus on the what things / conferences / meetings are about ? I guess their are not about 'showing off' but about discussing how to make this world better in one way or another. What counts on the end of the day is not how one looked like but what one did in life !

    1. Yay, for all haters, do read this because this is the view of the majority, whether Swedish, English or other nationalities, on all the hardworking and deserving Crown Princesses, Princesses, Duchesses and Queens at present. The focus of this post is an important one and we should applaud these royals for highlighting issues that are relevant to the world we're living in such as bullying, health research, child slavery and trafficking, etc. Let's not be bitchy but empower each other as women and build each other up.


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