Princess Charlene first interview after birth of Monaco twins

Princess Charlene of Monaco is reportedly leaving the hospital this week, photos of the royal twins are expected to be released this week too!

Princess Charlene of Monaco is reportedly leaving the hospital this week, photos of the royal twins are expected to be released this week too!

Charlene of Monaco, on the cover of Paris Match this week

Princess Charlene of Monaco gave a phone interview this week to Paris Match. She talked about how happy she is, her hopes to leave hospital and of us finally getting to see the twins next week. She is reportedly recovering very well with the twins at the hospital and she would like to be home before Christmas.


Paris Match: Your Highness, how are you and how are your children? Do you know when you are going to get out of the maternity ward of the hospital?

SAS Charlene of Monaco: I’m a bit tired but we’re all very well thank you. I am recovering from cesarean and the little ones who arrived somewhat prematurely are doing marvelously. They are growing every day, gaining weight. This is a fairly standard procedure in this kind of situation of having to still be monitored for a few days in the hospital. Everything now depends on their progress, and on the advice of the doctors. The medical team around us was absolutely fantastic. I do not know yet when we will leave, I hope it will be before Christmas, it depends on the children … You see, they are the “boss” now.

Paris Match: It is not uncommon that the twins are quite small at birth, as far as I understand they are born almost two weeks early.

SAS Charlene of Monaco: That’s right.

Paris Match: You yourself were born prematurely?

SAS Charlene of Monaco: Yes, and I was much smaller and more frail than they are.

Paris Match: When you held Gabriella and Jacques in your arms for the first time, what did you feel?

SAS Charlene of Monaco: At first, I was happy to hear their first cries. I was obviously a bit overwhelmed with emotion. Every second with them is magical. I look forward to spending more time in their presence. Watching them grow is wonderful. It changes life forever.

Paris Match: The world dreams of discovering these babies, do you know when you will have the opportunity to present them publicly?

SAS Charlene of Monaco: By early next week, I hope. Then we will have the official presentation to the Monegasque people on January 7, as was announced by my husband, Prince Albert II.

Paris Match: Even though they are so small, do Jacques and Gabriella resemble you already? What [features] do they have of yours and what of the Prince’s? Can you already identify their character. And is one calmer than the other? Is one funnier?

SAS Charlene of Monaco : You know, what’s incredible is that between the morning and evening, they have already changed. Their face is constantly evolving. It is therefore difficult to say at present which of us they resemble most. Maybe we’ll know more next week (laughs) … What I can tell you is that they are both very active and very expressive. They are beautiful, adorable, I’m crazy in love with them.

Paris Match: Recently you had told me that the idea of becoming parents filled you and Prince Albert II with a huge sense of responsibility. Has the birth of Gabriella and Jacques already revolutionized your daily lives, like you envisioned?

SAS Charlene of Monaco: I think a very strong protective instinct was born in me at the same time as them. A strong bond unites us, they are my responsibility in the coming years. And I will do my best to guide them, raise them and teach them the values that my husband and I share. This is an exciting mission and we will give the best of ourselves to achieve it. For now, we are enjoying every moment.


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  1. Thanks so much for posting the English translation of this.

  2. Yes, thanks for providing it all in English.

    Charlene sounds like a lovely and genuine human being. I am so happy for her :)

  3. Does anyone know the weight of the babies when they were born? My son was 2 1/2 months early and he weighed 2 1/2 pounds. He stayed in the hospital six weeks and got to come home when he reached the weight of 4 1/2 pounds. I was very lucky that he did not have any problems when he was born so early. Her twins were born two weeks early which really isn't that early. I don't even think that is considered premature really. Many babies come a couple of weeks early or late from the due date. For twins to be born only two weeks from their due date is really very good.


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