The Queen's Coronation 1953 exhibition at Buckingham Palace in London

Buckingham Palace has unveiled an exhibition featuring the wonderful gowns, robes and gems worn by the Queen during her Coronation on 2 June 1953.
The Queen's Coronation has been brought to life by a major new exhibition showcasing the ceremony's fabulous dresses and artefacts - and private home movies. The dazzling coronation dress the Queen wore for the ceremony is the centrepiece of the exhibition marking the historic event's 60th anniversary.
Alongside official black and white photographs the exhibition features private movies filmed behind the scenes for the Queen, that show the personal story behind the pomp and ceremony. Above, the diamond diadem, made of diamonds, pearls, silver and gold, worn by Queen Elizabeth II on her way from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey for her 1953 Coronation.
As the world watched the monarch being crowned at Westminster Abbey on June 2 1953, they also marvelled at the clothes designed for the momentous day. The exhibition brings together the dresses, robes and gowns worn by the Queen and her immediate family for the first time since the historic event, and important artefacts that played a part in the day
Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation dress and robe

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