Crown Princess Mary Wears Elise Gug Black Dress

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark wore Elise Gug Black Dress. ELISE GUG was established in 1986 by Elise Gug and her husband and CEO Niels Erik Garde Kongshaug.
Crown Princess Mary of Denmark wore Elise Gug Black Dress. Style of Princess Mary
The history of ELISE GUG designs is to make women feel beautiful and confident. When wearing ELISE GUG designs, women should have a sense of empowerment and classic style – and that is still her mission after more than 30 years of designing.

ELISE GUG have won multiple awards over the years including ‘The Golden Button’ and ‘The Blue Thimble’ for their collections which combine Danish design with Italian luxury and craftsmanship.

Elise and Niels have, as one of the oldest Danish fashion houses in Denmark with more than 30 years in the industry, proven their ability to always stay relevant with their designs and an adaptable and sustainable ideology. In 1998 ELISE GUG had the first organic fabric in their collection.

Since 1994, ELISE GUG has produced solely in Italy and was honored in 2008 by getting the distinguished certification as “100% Made in Italy” as the only foreign brand.

Also in 2008, ELISE GUG was proud to open the Danish Fashion Week with a show displaying her ensembles.

In 2011 ELISE GUG hit a high note when one of Elise’s dresses walked on the stage at the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes in Hollywood when Denmark won both awards for Best Foreign Film for Susanne Biers movie “In a Better World.” The two dresses were displayed in the Italian village where they were made, with the mayor giving a speech to Elise and Niels.

Throughout the years we at ELISE GUG have been humbled and honored to be the choice of female Prime Ministers, CEOs, Danish and international celebrities, and royalties across Europe. We are happy to help empower women whenever we see the opportunity.

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