The 37th birthday of Swedish Princess Sofia is being celebrated today

The Princess got married to Prince Carl Philip in 2015 in the Royal Chapel of Stockholm. Crew neck knit cotton cashmere sweater

Today, on December 06, 2021, Princess Sofia of Sweden celebrates her 37th birthday. Swedish Royal Palace released a new photo of the Princess on the occasion of the birthday. Princess Sofia (Sofia Kristina Hellqvist) was born on December 06, 1984. The Princess got married to Prince Carl Philip in 2015 in the Royal Chapel at the Royal Palace.

On April 19, 2016, Princess Sofia gave birth to their first child, Prince Alexander. Their second child, Prince Gabriel was born on August 31, 2017. Their third child, Prince Julian was born on March 26, 2021.

Princess Sofia wore By Malina Billie Top warm sand
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  1. Beautiful woman, but I don't like the filter they used for this photo.

  2. Anonymous6/12/21 10:28

    Happy birthday Princess Sofia Duchess of Confidence;)

    Beautiful dress/blouse.

    Maria Alejandra M.

  3. Bien jolie princesse mais le Palais royal aurait pu trouver une photo colorée comme du rouge par exemple qui lui va à merveille ; de plus, cela mettrait ses magnifiques yeux bleus en valeur - En cette journée particulière, bon et heureux anniversaire à elle !

  4. Anonymous6/12/21 10:52

    Happy birthday Sofia. Mary

  5. Anonymous6/12/21 12:37

    Beautiful, confidence woman;)
    Happy birthday.


  6. Anonymous6/12/21 12:44

    I like her face.

  7. Anonymous6/12/21 14:28

    Lovely picture of a nice young woman who has really grown into her royal role,

  8. Anonymous6/12/21 15:06

    I was wrong about Sofia and I am happy to admit it. She seems devoted to her husband and children. She goes about her responsibilities without ever trying to draw the spotlight. She doesn't seem bitter about the brutal treatment she got online and in the Press.

    And yes...she is very beautiful. The ridiculous filter is unnecessary.

    Happy Birthday, Your Royal Highness!

  9. Anonymous6/12/21 15:48

    Love this woman! Happy birthday to Princess Sofia!! Jeanne

  10. This photo is ridiculous, which has nothing to do with her. You would think they could do a much better job for an official picture. Her hair is sticking out on both sides, she looks washed out, and the filter is ugghh. She is a beautiful woman who does some great charity work. Come on. Anyway, hope she has a wonderful birthday.

  11. Anonymous6/12/21 21:53

    Despite the filter, she is still a beautiful woman. Ha! She has adjusted to her role in a way that surprised a lot of people. She has a wonderful husband and three gorgeous boys. Lucky woman. Happy Birthday, Princess Sofia!!! Claire

    1. Virginia Dogwood7/12/21 01:49

      Lucky husband to have such a lovely and supportive wife.

  12. Happy Birthday Princess Sofia! Nice to know you and I share the same day of birth.

  13. Lovely Sophia! She is such a beautiful lady. Even this study in blergh can't dim her beauty. I hope she has a fabulous birthday!

  14. Anonymous7/12/21 08:07

    Happy Birthday to Sofia!!!
    Sofia has very pretty eyes. Don't like the filter they used and beige top with white backround but otherwise very lovely photo of her.

  15. She radiates positiv feelings and love, I simply like her.

  16. Prettiest and nicest European Princess. Happy Birthday!


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