Crown Princess Victoria gave a speech on water and disasters at a UN meeting

Crown Princess Victoria wore ginger lace dress from By Malina, and summer feather earrings from Kreuger Jewellery

Crown Princess Victoria gave a speech at the the opening of the United Nations' fifth thematic session on water-related disasters. The UN thematic sessions on water-related disasters (STSWD) have been held every two years since 2013. This year's meeting took place online and the Crown Princess was one of the invited keynote speakers.

Crown Princess Victoria wore By Malina Ginger Lace Dress
By Malina Ginger Lace Dress


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  1. Le haut de ce modèle en dentelle paraît très féminin mais il est dommage de ne pas voir entièrement sa silhouette ; nous aurions ainsi l’occasion de mieux l’apprécier ainsi que ses chaussures. Il me semble qu'elle a déjà porté ces boucles d'oreilles pendantes lors de sa participation à l’événement en ligne de la Journée mondiale des océans 2021 le 09.06.2021 ; avec les cheveux lâchés, elle est toujours aussi ravissante !

  2. Anonymous29/6/21 14:27

    I'd like to see a full-length photo of the princess wearing this pretty dress.
    It looks a bit short for Victoria who is used to wearing longer clothes.

  3. A lovely dress with beautiful lace. If she gets bored of it, I'll gladly take it over!

  4. That´s a lovely dress. A bit winter-y for June maybe, but lovely all the same.
    The horizontal line across the chest wasn´t necessary, but at least (in Victoria´s case) the vertical lines in the lace meet well, so the design isn´t so interrupted. In the fashion picture, the lace placement looks more random.

  5. Anonymous29/6/21 18:42

    The lace looks beautiful, and the finishing is great, particularly around the neckline, but it sure does seem short. (V.M.)

  6. Anonymous30/6/21 06:31

    Lovely dress that looks great on Victoria. And she should share tips with Maxima and Mathilde how to choose good bra!
    And whoever takes care of Victoria's face has done really good job. She no longer has lines on her forehead, her eyes appear bigger but it all look very natural and well done.

  7. Anonymous1/7/21 12:22

    Lovely dress, have to wonder how the entire dress looked, with shoes/summer sandals, etc. jj


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