The Duchess of Cornwall Celebrates her 73rd Birthday

The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles is the second wife of Prince Charles, heir apparent to the British throne
The Duchess of Cornwall celebrates her 73rd birthday today. A new photo of The Duchess of Cornwall taken earlier this week in the garden of Clarence House has been released on the occasion of the birthday.

The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Rosemary Shand, later Parker Bowles, was born on July 17, 1947 in London. She is the second wife of Prince Charles, heir apparent to the British throne. Instead of using the title Princess of Wales, she uses the title Duchess of Cornwall, her husband's secondary designation. Camilla's full royal title is 'Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall, Duchess of Rothesay, Countess of Chester, Dame Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order'. Happy 73rd birthday to you, The Duchess of Cornwall.


  1. Happy Birthday to the Duchess. Hope she has a great day.


  2. I admire Camilla - she did not play a very honourable role during her infamous ménage a trois with Charles and Diana, that's true. But in the last couple of years she has always stood by Charles's side, she has taken on a job she certainly wouldn't have chosen if it hadn't been for Charles, and she has behaved in a very dignified way in spite of a lot of criticism from the public. I somewhere read that she used to come in from the stables and throw any old evening gown on, so I don't think she's all that interested in her looks. And yet she comes across as handsome, well-dressed, even stylish. I feel that she tries to uphold the dignity of the monarchy, even though she has had her role thrust upon her, so to speak.

    1. I have to give Camilla credit for a disarming lack of vanity. Similarly to Princess Anne, she seems comfortable in her skin and unafraid to look her age. Honestly, in her position -- given the history, and the wild popularity and much-admired beauty of Princess Diana -- a less secure woman would probably have had a couple of facelifts by now and hired an aggressive team of stylists. Camilla seems happy just to look pleasant and relatable and support her husband. I can only admire that, and it must make her a very easy person to be around.

    2. None of them behaved especially honourably including the Princess of Wales. A very sad situation but time has moved on, she makes Charles happy and I think some valuable lessons were learned about what is necessarily the best royal marriage.

    3. @Jane Chantal
      You've expressed it far better than I could - exactly, you've nailed it.

  3. Une photo lumineuse prise sur fond de verdure ; Camilla aime beaucoup ce style de robe dont la couleur bleu lui va à merveille.. En ce 17 juillet, bon et heureux anniversaire à elle !

  4. A very Happy Birthday to the Duchess. She looks beautiful here, that blue color is so pretty .

  5. Congratulations to this smart Lady - Happy Birthday.
    Is this pic inspired by the Duch-Royals?

  6. Happy Birthday to the Duchess. Lovely photo of her.


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