Queen Mathilde Celebrates Her 44th Birthday Today

Today, on January 20th of 2017, Queen Mathilde of Belgium celebrates her 44th birthday. On occasion of 44th birthday of the Queen, Royal House of Belgium published a new photo under the title of "Thank you for your birthday wishes!". Happy 44th birthday to you Queen Mathilde of Belgium!
Royal House of Belgium published a new photo showing Queen Mathilde and her daughter Princess Elisabeth together. Natan Lace Dress


  1. What a sweet photo! Elisabeth's dress is charming and age appropriate. They both look lovely.
    Happy birthday to HM.

  2. I hope Elisabeth is not wearing flat shoes like a little girl

    1. The flats we have seen her in were a lot more suitable to an 8-year old in Mary Janes. I'm not talking about high heels, just not little girl shoes. She has a teenager shape now, and her dress seems nice and I think when you have 'boobs' you should be dressed and have appropriate footwear.

  3. Felicidades a la dulce y bonita reina Mathilde. El vestido de la princesa no puede ser más ñoño y anticuado.


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