Queen Sonja opened Edvard Munch school in Oslo

Queen Sonja of Norway officially opened the Edvard Munch high school in Oslo on August 17, 2015. (The secondary school that has Edvard Munch name, located is in Ullevålsveien, and accommodates 870 students and has also several offers in creative disciplines, such as design and crafts, dance and music. Both the interior and the exterior are protected by the Cultural Heritage and Management Office.)
Edvard Munch high school houses the 870 students, who can combine subjects from various program areas and select the Dental Sciences
Edvard Munch also offers a brand new race with specialization in creative crafts, fashion/costume/textile, furniture/wood or piece of jewelry/metal.
Queen Sonja was shown around the new school and unveiled also the artwork "So life is" by Olav Christopher Jenssen
The Queen opened the school, which is housed in the newly refurbished premises of the former Arts and Crafts school which was completed in 1903


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  1. Anonymous19/8/15 21:42

    Queen Sonja looks lovely. Very nice outfit. I've never heard rumors or facts of her having plastic surgery; so apparently this is how a woman ages naturally and looks wonderful in her senior years, like Queens Elizabeth, Sofia, Paola, Anne-Marie. (And I'm speaking as a senior woman myself.)

    1. Anonymous20/8/15 08:32

      You are right, Sonja has never had anything done to her face. Everybody who is almost 80 would dream of having her her health as well, she still is activ, work a lot and goes on mountain hikes when she can.

  2. Anonymous20/8/15 00:19

    I'm sure she uses the very best face and body creams and soaps made with real ingredients. Sonia is femme fatale!

  3. She looks great at 78 years old

  4. Anonymous20/8/15 18:36

    Yes, you can do much for your skin by using face creams etc. with natural ingredients!! I also love her outfit!!


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