Princess Caroline on the cover of Paris Match magazine

Princess Caroline of Hanover with her grandson Sasha Casiraghi on the cover of the latest edition of Paris Match magazine. Read the full story in this week's Paris Match Magazine - Thursday July 23. ( Read More: Paris Match )
Princess Caroline of Hanover with her grandson Sasha Casiraghi


  1. Sacha looks like a blond Rainier. I think Caroline is a good grandmother. Yikes, I remember when Caroline was born!

  2. Caroline is the same wonderful woman, altough I must admit I never saw this small boy smiling. Always so sulky .

  3. Sacha is a beautiful little boy. Now wonder he never smiles, - have you ever seen his parents smile?
    We a role-models for our children....

    1. Yay! So I am not only one that thinks he parents never smile. I am relieved! Thank you, 6:44 and 2:32 for noticing too. I was beginning to get a complex. He is cute though.

  4. le petit Sacha est très beau ; un petit sourire en plus et ce serait très très bien

  5. Qu'est-ce que tout ce "beau monde" contribue au monde?


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