Princess Madeleine will be in Stockholm Next Week

Princess Madeline is in London and Princess Sofia, Sofia Hellqvist
Princess Madeline is in London now and because of two new royal duties of Swedish royal family that have been planned according to the calendar, she will be at home, in Stockholm next week. On February 17, together with Queen Silvia, Princess Madeleine will attend the Board Meeting of World Childhood Foundation planned to be held at the Royal Palace of Stockholm and on the following day, she will attend the International Council Meeting of World Childhood Foundation.

Princess Madeleine carried out some of her royal duties despite being on parental leave last year. In last November, she attended the Global Child Forum and in last December, she was at home in order to attend the official meeting of Swedish Academy.

It is expected that Crown Princess Victoria give birth to her second child in early March. Princess Madeleine may be at home in order to welcome the new baby.


  1. Anonymous9/2/16 00:55

    These are very good looking Princesses, seems they get a long, happy for them.

    1. Anonymous12/2/16 21:04

      I can and will always see 1 good looking PRINCESS!

  2. Anonymous9/2/16 03:47

    Beautiful photo above of the two Princesses. It is lovely that all three couples seem to get along so well.

    I remember years ago seeing a photo of all three couples at an outdoor concert (or something), all three were embracing or touching their partner is a sweet and loving way and the photo was titled "Love is in the air" which I thought was lovely, really sweet.

    1. Anonymous9/2/16 11:15

      I agree with you ! The 3 siblings seem close, and their partners seem to all get on with each other, and they all seemed 'loved-up' ☺

  3. love them two beautiful princess get along

  4. Anonymous9/2/16 08:08

    I really hope that there will be photos from both events and its really good that prinsessan Madeleine is slowly getting back to work. Its not easy to have 2 small children as they demand lot of your time (I have 1 14-months-old baby and she's taking lot of time) but you have to get away from home from time to time.
    As CPss Victoria will have her 2nd baby within the next few weeks, then the more reason to return to Sweden and take some work events as well (hope there will be even more events added).
    Good news anyway.

  5. Anonymous9/2/16 11:57

    Hooray!!! She's will be back; even for a couple of days. Its always a pleasure to see Swedish Princess Madeleine :) She's one of my favourite royals.

  6. Anonymous9/2/16 15:27

    Two beautiful women!!

  7. Some lazy royals should look up to hardworking ones.
    It is lovely to see families together, siblings should always stay close. I think Madeleine should live in Sweden, she is king's daughter after all. In addition, it is nice that Chris works, but we haven't heard many good news about him.
    Victoria seems so happy. She had her first child late so many people thought she wouln't have the second. But it is usual for a CP to have at least two kids. I am looking forward to finding out the name she will choose since she was really creative while naming her first child.

  8. Why should Madeleine live in Sweden? Her husband works in London and if she and the children lived in Sweden, this would pose a severe hardship and strain for them. With the upcoming birth of the two new royal babies, she will fall to 6th in the line of succession for the throne. She comes home frequently now anyway, attends many major events such as the Nobel ceremonies and can serve as a good representative in London for her country. If she was crown princess, that would be a different story, but she is not.

    1. I don't agree with you but I respect your opinion. Why people fight here so much?

  9. Anonymous10/2/16 06:17

    @ Lassie, because everyone of us thinks is right!

  10. Anonymous10/2/16 09:19

    It would be nice if prinsessan Madeleine and her family lived in Sweden but as her husband Chris O'Neill has a job and his place of work is situated in London, then right now The Princess Couple live in London. But this could be only temporary and they may return to Sweden once the children are older. But I guess it mostly depends on how much her presence will be required in order to fullfil different royal duties.
    Besides Princess Madeleine is not The Crown Princess. She has no obligation to permanently live in Sweden.
    As Beverly24 rightly pointed out: very soon she will fall to 6th in the line of succession for the throne and I'm sure that Carl Philip and Sofia will have more than 1 child, so she will drop even further down.
    I think that all Madeleine's fans are really happy whenever Madeleine's name is listed at the calendar and we get to see her; and I really hope that she won't withdraw as active royal!

  11. Anonymous10/2/16 14:38

    Two beautiful princesses. I am also surprised by how smart they both react given the fact that prince carl philip's longtime ex-girfriend is one of Madeleine's but also Victoria's longest and closest friend.


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