Queen Mathilde visited a school which is part of the Wikifin

Queen Mathilde of Belgium visited the Sainte Marie de Bouillon institute, a school which is part of the Wikifin program of financial education of FSMA (Financial Services and Markets Authority), on September 30, 2015 in Bouillon, Belgium. The Financial Services and Markets Authority strives to ensure the honest and equitable treatment of financial consumers and the integrity of the financial markets.
Queen Mathilde of Belgium visited the Sainte Marie de Bouillon institute


  1. Anonymous30/9/15 18:36

    that hairstyle is aging her

    1. Anonymous30/9/15 23:03

      Makes her old.

    2. You are right! Thats what it is....her hairstyle!!!

    3. Anonymous1/10/15 11:21

      But she looks softer and more feminine and that makes her hair-style valuable.

    4. Anonymous1/10/15 21:17

      It's not just the hair. Mathilde has always looked a little bit to grown up. She has never been one of these young pretty royals, but a classical looking lady. The hairdos she has chosen haven't helped. So no when she's in her 40 she looks older then she has to. A little bit fresher style wouldn't hurt.

  2. i don t like that dress.

  3. Anonymous1/10/15 17:31

    La reine Mathilde transmite siempre paz , serenidad, calidez y cercanía. Sus ropas pasan a un plano secundario puesto que ella realiza su actividad como reina con soltura y don de gentes. Nada que reprocharle!

  4. Anonymous2/10/15 06:11

    Don't like the hairstyle, don't like the shoes, don't like the looks, don't like the dress etc etc etc, what do you like????, Personally, queen Mathilde looks lovely.


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